The Space Between Us

For this reason it is necessary to follow what is common. But although the logos is common, most people live as if they had their own private understanding.


If you google up the phrase “the space between us”, you’ll discover all manner of popular laments about space as an obstacle to unity — and not just space, but also time. The citation from Heraclitus also demonstrates that this is not just a contemporary malaise — that the so-called “silo effect” or sense of isolation of the self illustrated below the citation is of long-standing. Heraclitus sounds very contemporary, in fact.

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Time Freedom and the Wheel of Ixion

In Greek myth, Ixion is considered the first murderer and one who led a rather sinful and dissolute life (hubris, in Greek terms). As punishment, Ixion was condemned by Zeus to be crucified upon a wheel that would turn forever. As the first murderer, Ixion is, quite evidently, the equivalent of Cain.

Ixion bound and crucified upon the fiery wheel.
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Emergent Reality

interesting that Jung & McLuhan both have the preference for foursomes or tetrads/quarternities. Binsbergen says four-part element cosmologies are two pairs of recursive dyads, & that they are less complex than triadic logic. Hegel of course is extremely triadic, & Panikkar too..

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The emergence of any new dimension to reality (along with its associated faculty of perception that allows us to perceive this new dimension at all) is quite obviously going to be a very turbulent process, especially if we do not gain insight into what is happening to us and around us. The irruption of time into a structure and mode of consciousness that recognised only three-dimensions of space as “real” is going to be especially difficult because time is, among other things, entropy — death by another name, and therefore closely associated with anxiety or Angst.

For simplicity’s sake, we may describe this emergence (and many of our contemporaries crises are this emergence) as the shift from the triadic to the tetradic, or from the cosmic number “3” to the cosmic number “4”. But while this sounds simple enough, it has enormous consequences for the entire “Gestalt” of reality and consciousness.

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