The Ocean of Insanity

I should have mentioned previously that I am frequently on the road these days. I am doing crop inspection and consultation prior to the beginning of the harvest. I have been away for the last four days following the Endless Highway. If you ever have the chance to drive Saskatchewan highways, you’ll understand the meaning of the Endless Highway. The road goes on forever.

I could also have said (just to wax mythical here) that the experience felt much like being a latter day Ulysses sailing through the Ocean of Insanity. The prairie city where my partner and I established our base of operations, called Swift Current (or “Speedy Creek” by some wits), touts itself as the city “where life makes sense”. Very metaphysical.  And all very true if you find trees to be confusing and senseless. There’s nary a tree to be seen anywhere.  Despite that, the Big Empty has a certain beauty of its own. (Hunters especially love it, it seems, because the deer and antelope have no refuge and no place to hide).

I didn’t discover much evidence there otherwise to justify the town’s boast for itself as being an Oasis of Enlightenment and Reason amidst a surrounding global Sea of Insanity and Senselessness. I happened to watch even a bit of television in my hotel room and couldn’t believe what I was seeing (for as some of you know, I’ve never owned a television). The town was even worse, in some ways, than some other places that make no ridiculous and obscure boast about being sensible. Speedy Creek (a.k.a. Swift Current)  is the confluence for four main influences and seasonal influxes — hunters, “rig pigs” (oil men), cowboys, and farmers. In other words, lots of transient and temporary types flow through Speedy Creek.  Sometimes dinosaur hunters, too.  As a result, it is vexed with a mass outbreak of motels, hotels, and even a casino. Welcome to the boom town. Moreover, the province’s current premier, Brad Wall, comes from Speedy Creek and I consider him senseless.

I hope you had the opportunity to connect to the links I provided in an earlier post to the Leap/E2020 website (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin, to which I’ve posted a permanent link on the right sidebar), as well as the London Times article on Goldman Sachs entitled “Doing God’s Work”.  These short articles speak volumes about the end of the Modern Era and the global systemic crisis presently in formation. Perhaps then, after reading the articles posted there, you might have a sense about what I mean about sailing through a Sea of Insanity and an Ocean of Obliviousness like a latter day Ulysses.

And, no, Speedy Creek is not “where life makes sense” either.

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