Inside Job

Follow the money….

I learned today that a new documentary film called Inside Job will be playing soon in theatres.  It is directed by Charles Ferguson and narrated by Matt Damon. It’s an examination of the 2008 market crash and of the players who were involved. It sounds very interesting, judging from the reviews (including this one by CBC business columnist Don Pittis).

As The Vancouver Sun reviewer Katherine Monk put it, summarising the film’s basic conclusion,

“The current economy rewards greed, obfuscation and the constant siphoning of cash from the savings accounts of the masses.”

Well…. “Nothing to see here. Move along folks!… just move along! “

After all, it’s not as though lots of people haven’t already been saying this for years (more recently, Naomi Klein in her book Disaster Capitalism, David Korten’s When Corporations Rule the World, or Greg Palast’s The Best Democracy Money Can Buy).  Hopefully, Inside Job might provide more fresh insight into the system than that (for example, the transformation of democracy into a kleptocracy or a plutocracy through the collusion, and the conjunction of interests, of sate and corporate power — euphemistically referred to as “public-private partnership”).

Still, might be worth taking in.  Watch for it appearing in a theatre near you.


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