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Egypt, Insurgency, and the Banality of the Western Chorus

While I can’t say much of anything meaningful about the present events in Egypt, I can make some observations on the reactions in Western capitols to those events — the Western Chorus promoting “reform” and the reformers, which is generally banal, self-seeking, very hypocritical, and very much post hoc.

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KDK has asked why I haven’t posted anything on the insurgencies in Tunisia and Egypt. I haven’t posted anything because the truth is, I don’t have a clue what’s actually happening….

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The Zombies of Pontypool: Language as a Virus

Last evening, I watched a strange film by Canadian film-maker Bruce McDonald called Pontypool (2009). It is a mock horror send-up of talk radio and logocentrism, also described as a “psychological thriller” or “political satire”. Outside the Canadian context, though, some features and allusions in the film might seem difficult to appreciate (which also becomes a bit of a subplot in the film).

I’m also quite sure that the real Ontario town of Pontypool and the town in the film are entirely different.

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