KDK has asked why I haven’t posted anything on the insurgencies in Tunisia and Egypt. I haven’t posted anything because the truth is, I don’t have a clue what’s actually happening….

A quick scan of the news this morning on Al Jazeera and the BBC didn’t really further my understanding either. Much has been made of the influence of social media in this, but I think this might be overblown, although as a tool for organising protests and insurgencies, from student flying protests in England, to the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, it certainly has an influence in how insurgencies function. Al Jazeera has even mentioned a small part played by the WikiLeaks disclosures in the uprisings.

Perhaps our correspondent in the UAE, Mr. Othman, can help us understand the situation and provide some insight? For the time being, I’m appealing to my ignorance as an excuse for not commenting, even though I do have a direct interest in what happens in Egypt and North Africa.  I help organise the production and processing of chickpea and faba bean for export to these countries.

2 responses to “Insurgencies”

  1. Scott says :

    I can tell you one thing about it, though… While the US administration is urging “reform” and so trying to salvage the regime (although not necessarily Mubarak, who is expendable. But to lose influence on the Egyptian military might be geo-politically catastrophic for the US), the Egyptians-in-the-streets are not interested in any such “reforms”. They’re on course for revolution. Many variables and actors in play here, though. Could see a military coup d’etat. The Egyptian military is, I believe, the largest or second largest recipient of US military aid… 1.2 billion in 2010.

  2. Scott says :

    Perhaps some of you already know Juan Cole’s blog, but if not here’s the link to his “Informed Comment”, which is always a good source of commentary and analysis on the Middle East. He has some interesting things to note about the situation in Egypt.

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