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The State is a Jealous God

Amongst all the other signals that indicate the end of the Modern Age — post-modernism, post-Enlightenment, end of history, post-humanism, etc — the end of Modernity also manifests as the decline and fall of the nation-state era. It is a development that national power elites and reactionaries in the so-called “patriot community” find particularly threatening and anxiety-provoking. The waning of state authority and power is signalled by the growing preference, facilitated by the new social and interactive media, for direct people-to-people contact, bypassing state-controlled monopolies and intermediaries and challenging the whole meaning of “diplomacy”.

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A Borg World: The Death of Nature

The Borg. Superpredators. Even as we boo the villains on the screen, it seems we are becoming them. Carolyn Merchant called it The Death of Nature. Nature — the realm of nativity, of “birth”… dead. It’s the “sixth extinction event”. Civlisation’s war against Wilderness and the realm of birth will be our own self-destruction.

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A House Divided

It’s -30 degrees Celsius this morning, and even the air is frozen white. It seems an appropriate day to revisit a theme once explored in the now dearly-departed Dark Age Blog: the spectre of our own “Four Riders of the Apocalypse”.

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Amy Chua: World on Fire

The continuing remarkable developments in North Africa and the Middle East sent me back to my bookshelves to dig out a critical book about neo-liberalism that I purchased some time ago but never read — Amy Chua’s World on Fire. If you want some context for the upheavals presently occurring there and elsewhere, Chua’s critical assessment of globalisation provides (with a few reservations on my part) an excellent backgrounder.
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A Parable and a Poem About Selfhood

There was once a hard-working yogi who sought enlightenment and liberation.

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End-Game in Egypt

I’ve been waiting with something akin to “bated breath” as I follow (as best I can) unfolding events in Egypt. After Mubarak’s strange speech today, I think that, now, the situation in Egypt approaches end-game.

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The Rhetoric of Empire

“Two languages are spoken under the hypocritical veneer of one.” — Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Speech and Reality

Thanks to lr for forwarding to me this latest excellent piece by Chris Hedges: from Common, “Recognizing the Language of Tyranny“, which largely agrees with what I’ve been posting about the “waffling rhetoric” being draped over the events in Egypt and the Middle East.

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