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The Human World of The-Oh-So-Many-Things.

So many things impress themselves upon my mind as I read the current news reports and take note of the difficulties of the day that it’s sometimes difficult to take them all in, map their inter-relationships, and place them in their proper context — which is to say, in a conventionally intelligible context; an interpretable pattern; a meaningful gestalt. Events which seem so disconnected, random, and chaotic actually do have a kind of mutually intelligible meaning and significance, reflecting each other, although to try and identify that mutual significance in terms of “old school” linear logic and dualistic reasoning (now become completely reactionary) is predestined to fail.

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Chris Hedges: War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

You cannot understand the passion and anger that Chris Hedges invests in his essays and other writings about the need for social transformation without coming to know this semi-autobiographical and philosophically reflective account of his 15 years as a war correspondent. He has had more direct experience of the perversity of war and human destructiveness than your average soldier for that fact.

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The First Casualty

The psychologist Carl Jung once stated, “we have grown rich in knowledge, but poor in wisdom”. But what he meant by “knowledge” was power, and what he meant by “wisdom” was truth.

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