Archive | April 2011

An Age of Upheaval

The federal election currently underway in Canada started out as a sleeper, but has suddenly taken a very surprising and unexpected turn, if not detour.

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Storms to the Stormy

In one of the recorded sessions in Jane Roberts’ Seth books, conducted during a particularly blustery and stormy evening, Seth announced his presence with the wry words: “storms to the stormy”.

That simple phrase has stuck with me, and it reflects the consistent and insistent message throughout all the accumulated Seth material that Seth sought to communicate: “you create the reality you know”.

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Injured and Incapacitated

Sorry folks. I’ve suffered an incapacitating shoulder injury while working on the drive train of my Jeep.  Something snapped. It requires that the shoulder be immobilised, reducing me to one hand typing (not to mention the difficulties I’m having preparing my own food).

Pity, as I had an insight into politics and sexuality, power and potency, that I wanted to share.

I can’t say at this time how long I’ll be  under repair myself.  Maybe I’ll at least regain some sufficient use of my right hand sooner than the shoulder. Fare thee well for the time being.