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At The End of History… and Our Wits

The phoney triumphalism of “the end of history” millenarian craze and delusion that possessed certain political types after 1989 is still with us. It is evident even in the hubris of regime change that now drives the Libyan intervention. It largely informed that self-negating political Troika called (interchangeably) “neo-liberalism”, “neo-conservatism”, and  “neo-socialism”. This Troika formed what was previously known as “The Washington Consensus,” but which has become somewhat stale after the great market meltdown of 2008. It was expressed in Margaret Thatcher’s “TINA principle”, ie, “There Is No Alternative”.
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After Ideology

Recently, I read an editorial in a Canadian newspaper in which the author described himself “as an ideological conservative.”

It was apparent, though, that the man used “ideological” as synonymous with “principled,” (which is another qualifier often used by so-called “new conservatives” — “principled conservatism”, by which is implied a kind of moral correctness).

This is a fraud, a con, and a deception. It is as much a con, a deception, and a pretense as that exercised by the pious bishop who adorns himself prominently with a crucifix in public while he diddles the flocks’ children in private. The bigger and more prominent the crucifix, the bigger the fraud and con he perpetrates on others. The crucifix he wears — and the Church — gets bigger and bigger over time, and must be indeed big enough to hide himself, his sins, and his guilt behind. It becomes his veil.

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Brooding Over the World

I apologise for the long absence from The Chrysalis. I have been lately playing the morose hermit, brooding over a degenerate human world.

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