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On New Right Conservatism, Reactionary Violence, and Right Wing Ressentiment.

New Right Conservatives and right-wing Christians are now falling and stumbling all over themselves and their rhetoric, and embarrassing themselves, in a vain attempt to achieve some political and moral distance from nativist, right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

They are not being all too successful at that.

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When one goes to fight monsters, Nietzsche once wrote, one had best take care not to become the monster oneself.

Nothing illustrates this truth better than the case of the Oslo killer, Anders Breivik. In one horrific act, he annihilated and destroyed all the values he ostensibly held dear, values rooted in love of country and Christianity. This is the irrational psychology of the reactionary, which has been rightly called “the revolution of nihilism” with good reason.

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At least 91 dead, mostly young….
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