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The Keys to the Kingdom: Observance versus Fidelity

Some time ago, I picked up a discounted book by Evelin Sullivan entitled The Concise Book of Lying. By coincidence, there was also a discounted book in the same bin by Eduardo Giannetti called Lies We Live By: The Art of Self-Deception, so I picked up that one also. (But more on Giannetti’s book later, perhaps).

Probably these books would still remain packed up and unread by me were it not for recent social advances (as it were) in the art and science of lying and falsification (or disinformation) that have started to attract attention (as we mentioned in the previous post on the culture of lying).
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On The Culture of Lying

Now that I am getting settled down again after my move….

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The One-Eyed Man

Thoughtless idiot wisdom still proclaims that “the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind is king”. This was the conceit of the philosophers. It was not the experience of the martyrs.

So, why do blind, thoughtless, and petty-minded people (who probably think of themselves as being the one-eyed amongst the blind) still spew this drivel out as if it were true?

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