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Observations on Gebser’s Essay “The Integral Consciousness”, IV

Jean Gebser’s essay on “The Integral Consciousness”, posted previously, is a summary of his views expressed in the lengthier book The Ever-Present Origin. The essay relies for its fuller meaning and interpretation on the material presented in the book. Yet it is possible to provide a context for this fuller meaning of the essay, and of Gebser’s sense of urgency in writing it, by reference to just a couple of passages from the opening pages of his book.

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Observations on Gebser’s “The Integral Consciousness”, III

Continuing with the series examining Jean Gebser’s posthumously published essay “The Integral Consciousness” (which is a brief summary of his much lengthier book The Ever-Present Origin), I find the following to be the most significant and important statement from the essay,

“Our conception of what we call reality depends upon our mode of consciousness.”

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Observations on Gebser’s “The Integral Consciousness”, II

Although there are many events presently that practically cry out to be recognised and commented upon, I want to stick with Gebser’s essay on “The Integral Consciousness” posted a couple of sessions back. Hopefully you printed it off, read it carefully, and are prepared to follow along with the commentary.

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