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Dualism: Know the Enemy

In his memorial introduction to Jean Gebser’s book The Ever-Present Origin, Jean Keckeis attempted to briefly summarise (if that were at all possible) the main concerns that drove Gebser to write the book,

“Gebser has noted two results that are of particular significance: first, the abandonment of materialistic determinism, of a one-sided mechanistic-causal mode of thought; and second, a manifest ‘urgency of attempts to discover a universal way of observing things, and to overcome the inner division of contemporary man who, as a result of his one-sided rational orientation, thinks only in dualisms.'” (p. xix)

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I suppose that, given all I’ve written here and in the earlier Dark Age Blog. or have voiced aloud about the appalling condition and stature of the human soul at the end of history, I shouldn’t be at all startled or disturbed to discover that a great many people — the many-too-many people — don’t necessarily believe the implicit truth of what they otherwise publicly say or do. Read More…

Generation Why: The Millennarians

I see that one half of the team of Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, who together authored the book The Narcissism Epidemic, has now released her own study of “Generation Y” or “Generation Me” (the “Millennials” born after January 1, 1982) and has, not surprisingly I suppose, discovered that GenY is even more self-indulgent, aberrant, and narcissistic than its post-War predecessor generations: the Boomers and Generation X. Presumably Generation “Z” will be the Omega Generation, since we will have run out of alphabet and, perhaps, also out of time therewith.
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