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The End of Democracy in the Breakdown of Dialectical Consciousness

In The Ever-Present Origin, Jean Gebser emphasised our disturbing contemporary penchant to think in terms of mere “dualisms” as the signal symptom of the breakdown and disintegration of the mental-rational structure of consciousness. He called this our “deficient rationality”, and thought of it as something reflecting “the inner division of contemporary man” (in the words of his interpreter, Jean Keckeis).

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Seth Speaks… On Nihilism

Last evening, I was cruising around the Web when I came across these assembled quotes from the book Seth Speaks (1972). The quoted sections struck me with great force and impact, perhaps because I’ve also been brooding over our present predicament at “the end of history” and reflecting on this in relation to the works of Nietzsche and Jean Gebser, which the words of Seth powerfully drew together in their joint concern for the future of life, humankind, and the fate of the Earth. Read More…

Campaign Against Political Corruption in Canada

Tomorrow, Sunday 11. March, marks the beginning of a nation-wide rally and campaign against political corruption in Canada. It seems strange that this is even happening here. But in fact it’s happening everywhere, and raises some disturbing questions about the future of democracy in the post-modern era.
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