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Eu, meu, ‘-me’: Reflexões sobre Narcisismo e Auto–Destruição

I’ld like to take the opportunity, long neglected, to fulfill a promise I made to Cesar Monatti, a Brazilian reader, who went to the trouble of translating into Portuguese one of the many articles on the human condition of narcissism that I have posted to The Chrysalis. His extraordinary effort was motivated by a wish to understand the meaning of the post in his own terms, but I was pleased he sent it to me, and have since acquired his permission to post his translation under condition only that I agree to mention that Cesar is not a professional translator.

The original post in English is I, Me, Mine, Myself: Reflections on Narcissism and Self-Destruction.

I know that at least one other reader of The Chrysalis speaks Portuguese, but the translation might be of use to some others. I had to reformat to accommodate the PDF text Cesar sent in Portuguese, so hopefully it worked out without too many errors on my part. Thanks Cesar!

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“You Are What You Eat” — A Transient Thought on a Sunday Morning

A thought in passing — it is not just the case that “you are what you think” or “you are what you perceive”. It is also the case that “you are what you eat”. All of these maxims are mutually-related truths.

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Deficient Rationality at “The End of History”

I seem to be in the mood to post something this frosty early morning, after a few months hiatus.

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