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The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A First Reading

I’ve concluded a first reading Jane Roberts’ Seth book, entitled The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. Providing a comprehensive overview of the work is something of a challenge because I find it a little uneven overall.

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The Foreign Installation, II

I received my copy of The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events yesterday, dropped everything else, and dived right in. I didn’t get very far before something Seth writes there brought to mind an earlier commentary on Blake (via Frye) and the significance of “the foreign installation”, as Castaneda’s don Juan described it — the alien mind (or alienated mind).

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The Foreign Installation

It is probably a bit premature to offer new comments on the meaning of “the foreign installation”, but in my reading of Gabriel Marcel’s Man Against Mass Society, I came across a passage that brought it immediately once again to mind, and which might be helpful in conceiving of the foreign installation in more concrete terms.

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