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Act and Movement

Dariq’s comment to my earlier post “William Blake Against the World Machine” has moved me (so to speak) to delve more deeply into the differential in significance between action and motion, or act and movement.

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The appearance of a new word in our vocabulary is much like the appearance of a new star in the sky. It is not just an additive process. It alters the whole night sky and the arrangement of the constellations. That is the meaning of “Indra’s Net“. Everything is connected to everything else — co-originating, co-creating, co-dependent. From the smallest atom to the cosmic scale, everything arises within a net of co-determination. And in that sense, the cosmos as a whole is at root a profoundly co-operative enterprise.

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The Parable of the Toothbrush: Ideology, Irony, and the End of History

In Canada, presently, there is a debate (at least, to the extent the current untransparent Conservative government will allow a public debate) about an impending free trade deal with China and the government’s controversial Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA).

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