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The Real “Clash of Civilisations”

It is, I’ve found, quite pointless to look to the mass media for illuminating insight into the roots of contemporary social conflict. The mass media thrive on the superficial drama of social conflict and thus serve only to perpetuate the deficient “common sense” paradigm that drives social conflict to begin with.

The real conflict of our time, however, is not what it appears to be as given in the shallow and narrow punditry of the mainstream press. The real “clash of civilisations” is a growing conflict between an “either/or” consciousness and logic (legacy thinking) and an emergent “both/and” consciousness and logic. This distinction between “either/or” and “both/and” is the fundamental form in which a conflict between a dualistic mentality and integral consciousness are taking shape. The real “clash of civilisations” is an emerging conflict within time, between past and future, and not across or between global spaces.

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Idle No More: National Day of Action

On Wednesday, 16. January, the indigenous grassroots uprising called “Idle No More” has called for a comprehensive National Day of Action against recent legislation passed by the Harper government that infringes upon aboriginal Treaty Rights, as well as being an affront to due democratic process. I will be responding to that call and will participate.

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The Cycle and the Cross

Most of you are probably familiar with the popular, upbeat Christian hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?“.

It’s actually a frightful hymn in its particular meanings, because the circle has no place in Christianity, where the circle was understood to symbolise the pagan mind of cyclicity and of the eternal recurrence of same. Many people have fallen into this trap.

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The Meaningful and the Logical

It is not necessarily true that the logical is also the meaningful. They are not synonyms.

It is not necessarily true that the secure is also the safe. These are, likewise, not synonymous.

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Conservatism’s Pia Fraus

The “pious fraud” perpetrated by ideological conservatives and allied reactionaries is that the organisation and order of society reflects either a “divine order” or a “natural order of things”. Therefore, any attempts to alter the routine and habitual pattern of established social relationships is either “impious” or “unnatural”.

Society, however, is a very human creation, and is created and recreated neither in the image of heaven nor of nature, but in a human image.

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Nihilism, Narcissism, and Secularism

We have not yet reached — not by far — the grotesque climax of our “two centuries of nihilism” as forecast by Nietzsche. But… “the Singularity is nigh” and “the end of history” is at hand.

Just not in the way these deluded fools from Kurzweil to Fukuyama actually think it is. The future just ain’t what it used ta be.

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Between Sound and Silence

Or, between the devil and the deep blue sea, as it may be.

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