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Gaia and “The Overview Effect”

I was sent a link to an important video clip that I would like to share with you because it contains many of the elements under discussion in The Chrysalis.

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Recognizing Fascism… (and why you should)

I am far from having come, as yet, to a complete understanding of the roots of fascism. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle and I have only connected a part of it. But there are certain things about fascism that I have, nonetheless, come to understand, which we would all do well to be aware of and to recognize if we do not want to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

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The Modern Ideal

One of the things I have discovered lately (to my great joy in fact) as I continue my study of the history and the dogmas of fascism and Nazism — this whole reactionary period — is how one core or root principle informs other “democratic” ideologies that is absolutely and categorically denied in the practice and ideology of fascism, and which exists in the current so-called “democratic” ideologies mainly as a contradiction to their actual practice. For they seem to have forgotten it themselves.

That value or ideal is “the free development of the personality”, and it exists as the original common ideal that informs conservatism, liberalism, and socialism equally. What they really dispute amongst themselves is the means to effectuate the social conditions and institutions necessary for that ideal to be realised and made concrete.

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