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The Meaning of Democracy

I remain, for the time being, immersed in my study of the history of European fascism and the mass psychology of fascism. I have learned a good many surprising things of great value since delving more deeply into the subject. One of these things is having come to a better understanding of the much abused term “democracy” — its authentic roots, value, and meaning — as well as the threat posed to democracy today by the residual legacies of fascism.

For, absurd as it may seem, the allied nations that were victorious in war over the pernicious doctrines and mythologies of fascism have, nonetheless, self-defeatingly appropriated a good part of those doctrines and mythologies as their own. There are clear fascistic and totalitarian tendencies in the ostensible democratic political ideas of the day — in the so-called “neos” of neo-conservatism, neo-liberalism, and neo-socialism which are coincident with the more general problem of the “democratic deficit“.

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