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The “Holographic” Universe: The Full Series

It might be useful to put the complete 5 part “workshop” series called “The Holographic Universe”, which I mentioned in an earlier comment, in one convenient location which I will do here.

Bear in mind that the comparison of ourselves and our reality with a hologramme is a metaphor, albeit a more appropriate metaphor than the “Clockwork Universe”, or the current fashion of comparing the universe to a computer simulation. In a sense, Holographic Universe, Clockwork Universe, or the Computer Universe are techno-rational mythologies — summary symbolic forms, appropriate to a techno-rational mentality, that serve to facilitate comprehension. Metaphors are always only translations. It’s the very meaning of the word “meta-phor”. A metaphor (to carry across) is a “bridging” concept or symbol. Nonetheless, the holographic metaphor is a great improvement over the Clockwork metaphor.

Because it is a metaphor that the narrator here, Stephen Davis, tends to take far too literally at times, it also tends to result in distortions or part-truths. I don’t concur with everything Mr. Davis says, but what I perceive to be his errors or half-truths are not greatly damaging, although they do hinder broader understanding.

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Carlos Castaneda: Death is the Benefactor

“Vom Tode und nur vom Tode fängt alles Erkennen an.” — Schiller

(Roughly translated, “The presence of Death is the beginning of all knowledge.”)

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Carlos Castaneda: The Warrior’s Way

I wish to return, today, to the beginnings of that thread I began earlier with the reproduction of Carlos Castaneda’s definitive statement concerning his extra-ordinary experiences as an apprentice of the Indian “sorcerer” don Juan Matus. Every now and then, I’ll be interweaving comments about events and issues in our shared contemporary social life to demonstrate its relevance, and why it is truly a pragmatic statement about our human condition which is universally corroborated in the experiences and testimony of others.

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