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Self-Contradiction — Nihilism and Collapse

When I was an undergraduate — and still “wet behind the ears” as they say — I took a course in logic. For the greater part it was dry as dust, and even the instructor seemed less than enthused about it.

One lesson from those times, however, did stick with me. It is called “the ears of the wolf dilemma” and is one of those traps that the mental-rational consciousness can stumble into. (And, in fact, it has stumbled into it and it is called “the end of history”).

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The Lion & the Ox and the Law

One Law for the Lion & Ox is Oppression. — William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.


Aion — Mithraic Symbol

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Capital, Terror, and Propaganda

The long-awaited report into Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal was released recently. The controversial pipeline project to transport bitumen, which would snake from the equally controversial Alberta tarsands to a tanker port at Kitimat on the British Columbia coast, was (as expected) given approval by the three-person panel, with the qualification that the project must meet 209 conditions.

However, far from now being a fait accompli, opposition to the project from conservationists, environmentalists, and aboriginal peoples is likely to intensify and escalate, including long legal challenges (and perhaps direct action), as it still must pass (as it is expected to do) federal government review and approval.

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Rainbow Reality: A Solstice Dream

Earlier in the pages of The Chrysalis I “confessed” — if that is the right word — that most of the subjects about which I post are first formed and suggested in my dreams. Sometimes the recollection of the dream occurs to me only after I post on a topic.

Of late I have been having strange and peculiar dreams, and if my recall has improved in this respect it is because I’ve taken to splitting my night-time sleep into two or three blocks. This has had the side-effect of improving my dream re-collection and recall.

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Religion and “Culture War”

A comment from LittleBigMan on my earlier post “Universal Fascism Against the City of God” has persuaded me of the need to unwrap the contemporary and historical meanings of “religion” and “spiritual”, and why today they have even become antithetical terms — the causes of great confusion and even conflict (in the form of “culture war”). “Culture war” (or Kulturkampf, in the German usage) is pretty much a continuation of the unresolved “wars of religion” that marked the Reformation and Counter-Reformation of the Late Middle Ages. “Culture War” is another sign of how the condition of Late Modernity parallels that of the decline and decadence of the Late Middle Ages and of “the Universal Church”, including the formal rehabilitation of Inquisition and torture, albeit in more or less disguised forms. Such “wars of religion”, including contemporary “culture war”, arise from an essential and persistent ambiguity in the meaning of “religion” itself. Read More…

Post-Enlightenment: An Epidemic of the Crazies

Although I never saw the movie The Crazies, it strikes me that the plot line about a virus that infects people with insanity is truer to our post-Enlightenment, post-modern social reality today than we would like to think. There is an epidemic of “the crazies”.  I see it and I hear it every day.

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Health, World Revolution, and the “New Age”

Way back in 1938, after concluding his study of the four principal modern revolutions in Out of Revolution: Autobiography of Western Man, the social philosopher Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy concluded that yet a fifth revolution — the quintessential revolution, as it were — was in the offing.  Rosenstock-Huessy saw in the four main revolutions of the Modern Era — the Lutheran, the English Civil War, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution — an intelligible pattern and logical sequence, which he described in his remarkable book. He also perceived that this pattern and sequence was not yet complete.

The fifth revolution which he anticipated would be necessary, Rosenstock concluded, to complete and fulfill the series begun with the German (Lutheran) Revolution against the Church of Rome, and this incipient fifth and last revolution would be the golden key that would close and conclude the Modern Age and open up a new World Age. “The last shall be the first”. That is to say, the revolution that finally concludes and fulfills the times will also be the one that opens a New Age.  In that sense the strange “double-movement” of Late Modernity that has been observed by others (even in the form of “creative destruction”) is due to the fact that the fifth revolution will be like a doorway in and out of time and history, simultaneously an exit and an entrance. It is this that gives Late Modernity its strange self-contradictory character.

It is my job in this post to convince you that Rosenstock-Huessy was prophetic, that he is indeed correct, and that we ignore him to our detriment.

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