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Self-Contradiction — Nihilism and Collapse

When I was an undergraduate — and still “wet behind the ears” as they say — I took a course in logic. For the greater part it was dry as dust, and even the instructor seemed less than enthused about it.

One lesson from those times, however, did stick with me. It is called “the ears of the wolf dilemma” and is one of those traps that the mental-rational consciousness can stumble into. (And, in fact, it has stumbled into it and it is called “the end of history”).

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The Lion & the Ox and the Law

One Law for the Lion & Ox is Oppression. — William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.


Aion — Mithraic Symbol

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Capital, Terror, and Propaganda

The long-awaited report into Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal was released recently. The controversial pipeline project to transport bitumen, which would snake from the equally controversial Alberta tarsands to a tanker port at Kitimat on the British Columbia coast, was (as expected) given approval by the three-person panel, with the qualification that the project must meet 209 conditions.

However, far from now being a fait accompli, opposition to the project from conservationists, environmentalists, and aboriginal peoples is likely to intensify and escalate, including long legal challenges (and perhaps direct action), as it still must pass (as it is expected to do) federal government review and approval.

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