Rainbow Reality: A Solstice Dream

Earlier in the pages of The Chrysalis I “confessed” — if that is the right word — that most of the subjects about which I post are first formed and suggested in my dreams. Sometimes the recollection of the dream occurs to me only after I post on a topic.

Of late I have been having strange and peculiar dreams, and if my recall has improved in this respect it is because I’ve taken to splitting my night-time sleep into two or three blocks. This has had the side-effect of improving my dream re-collection and recall.

Today, I want to share a fragment of a dream I had this morning, although the larger context of the dream fragment escapes my recollection.

A thought forms in my mind “reality is all the colours”. This thought form is, nonetheless, accompanied by a peculiar and seemingly incongruous image. Rainwater is flowing down from the roof of my Jeep, forming many broad rivulets and beautiful waveforms as it runs down and over the windshield.

Looking at this, I have the impression that it is a variation on the theme of the prism, the discrete wave-like rivulets flowing down and over the windshield being akin to beams of refracted white light. The rainwater is like white light, and the wide, flowing rivulets formed on the windshield are the various pathways the white light takes as it refracts into the colours. Each rivulet follows its own path, yet it remains within the context of a harmonious whole.


In that sense, “reality is all the colours” has the equivalent meaning, “reality is light”, and the strange image of rainwater running over the windshield of the Jeep is the dream’s attempt to concretise, in one synthetic image, many meanings — reality is light, the light is one, the light is the energetic flux or flow, and although the energetic flux and flow may individuate and particularise as “colours”, streams, or rivulets, and each may follow many different paths, it remains nonetheless one whole, connected to its source — the rain.

At first, I was very puzzled by the image of the Jeep and the windshield. It seemed quite banal. A little reflection, however, revealed to me its significance. Each waveform is free to follow its own path and to individuate, albeit within the dimensions suggested by the breadth of the Jeep itself. The windshield and its dimensions or limits are a symbol for physical reality, the space-time framework, or what Mr. Isaac Newton called “the Frame of the World”. The windshield combines apparent limit and solidity but with effective transparency. It actually couldn’t have been more perfect. It brings to mind Paul’s words from Corinthians,

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

This “glass” is the windshield and its apparent solidity, and it becomes a metaphor for physical reality and its apparent solidity despite its implicit quality of transparency or translucency.

I wake up, then, mulling over the thought, “reality is all the colours”, and that these “colours” are the hues and tones of consciousness itself, something that even becomes explicit in the theory called “Spiral Dynamics“, or in the colours of the chakras. In that sense, a human being is also a rainbow

The Chakras

But it also leads me to muse on the significance of colour for identifying political formations and ideologies, which takes a more disturbing turn when I relate this to the present danger of resurgent fascism or totalitarianism — the uniformed mind in the form of black shirts, the brown shirts, the silver shirts. It’s a mentality such as insists, “I shall see only Blue. What is not Blue I shall refuse to see or acknowledge. What is not Blue shall be denied, ignored, suppressed, repressed, or destroyed. The “truth” is not many-coloured, like Joseph’s many-coloured cloak. Reality shall be one colour only.”

Joseph’s “many-coloured cloak” is not only a symbol for the “cloak” of physical reality — the garment worn by Nature — it recalls the rainbow, and the spiritual symbolism of the rainbow as we encounter it in the Old Testament as a symbol of peace and the Truce of God. (The many-coloured “cloak” may even be a symbol for the human body when one considers the chakras, for William Blake also calls the body a “garment”).  Jehovah, you may recall, set up the rainbow after the Deluge as a sign of his truce with mankind, and the rainbow is still used to this day as a symbol of peace after the storm.

The fascist mentality does not honour the rainbow. One might as well resent the rainbow as something imperfect because it is formed of many colours. But that is to resent the light, and that belongs to the demonic, much like H.G. Well’s subterranean dwelling Morlocks in The Time Machine. Is the rainbow built of mutually antagonistic colours?  But in the Old Testament, it is the symbol of peace, of Jehovah’s truce with mankind.

The fascist mentality does not like the peace of the rainbow. It prefers the rage and violence of the Storm. “Sturm brich los!”, shouted Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels at his infamous 1943 speech at the Berlin Sportpalast where he called for “total war”, a phrase disturbingly resurrected by neo-conservatives in the George W. Bush administration.

Total war. One colour, and that colour shall be red. The Storm — “Shock and Awe” — and not the rainbow.

That is why fascism — totalitarianism generally — belongs to darkness, and why all its symbols are the symbols of the darkness and the demonic — of a mentality cut off from the light; why it prefers war to peace and the uniform to the diverse, and mechanisation to humanisation. “Reality is all the colours” means, in effect, the realisation and reality of the integral consciousness — but the fascistic mentality will have no part of that, which is why it is essentially nihilistic, or otherwise confuses the whole with a mere totality.

7 responses to “Rainbow Reality: A Solstice Dream”

  1. Scott Preston says :

    Fascism, by the by, is the tyranny of Capital just as communism was the tyranny of Labour (that is, “dictatorship of the proletariat”). The tyranny of abstract, collective nouns. This is the result of that “dualistic” mentality that has dis-integrated, dichotomised, or sectoralised Being-As-A-Whole into strictly incommensurable jurisdictions of Good and Evil, or Subject and Object, Capital and Labour, Right and Left, Pleasure and Pain, and so on, and then has moved to generate reality in its own image. Such is the stuff of delusion.

    Reality (or Being) is not divided against itself in this way. That is the work of the mental-rational consciousness which has itself become suicidal self-contradiction and dichotomising rationality — the state Gebser calls “deficient rationality” — which has set up ego-consciousness and the “unconscious”, so-called, as mutually antagonistic fractions and factions of the psychic whole.

    “Reality is all the colours” — the thought-form of my dream fragment — denies, in effect, that Being is definitively divided against itself or in a state of self-contradiction, which can only lead to nihilism as mutually antagonistic values also become mutually annihilate. This is the state R.D. Laing calls “The Divided Self” or what Erich Kahler calls “the breakdown of the human form” in his The Tower and the Abyss.

    But this is, in fact, the state and condition of consciousness today. Hypocrisy is the state of self-contradiction; duplicity is the state of self-contradiction. What I have called our own “four riders of the apocalypse” — Double-Talk, Double-Think, Double-Standard, and Double-Bind (or Double-Dealing) — are aspects of the human psyche’s state of self-contradiction, which is the state of dis-integration or loss of integrity.

    This present condition of self-contradiction is what I called in the last post “the epidemic of the crazies”.

    • srosesmith says :

      “The uniformed mind” that is blind to the Joseph coat of many colors : exactly what we’re facing today. Marvelous dreaming, Scott!
      My chronic insomnia has been relieved in part by learning of the old formulation of “first sleep” and “second sleep” : a natural pattern accepted in earlier times of two blocks of sleep separated by a long-ish period of waking — to do with what one wishes or needs. Seth also spoke of this way of sleeping in order to integrate the night/day, conscious/unconscious ways of being.

  2. Abdulmonem says :

    This recall to mind the dreams of Ibn Arabi as dictators of his writings. The splitting of sleep into several blocks is another Sufis tool for self-realization. This is the divine care, as Ibn Arabi said in the Twilights of the stars, bestowed on those who are privileged to enter the process of self realization. The unity of the two wills, indicating the abolition of borders between the one and the many, the individual and the collective.
    I always thought that you are a good guide on this endless journey. I am happy for myself to have found a trusted partner on this journey that is surrounded by danger, fear, puzzlement and uncertainty. May we understand the idea and the truth of the unity of existence, after all truth is an effective idea.

    • Scott Preston says :

      ….to enter the process of self realization

      I like that. It reminds me of the Buddhist saying, “to enter the stream”, and may, also, be the meaning of the Christian ritual of baptism (which seems to have become a mere superstition lately).

      Yes, it certainly is a dangerous journey, most especially in these times it can greatly challenge the spirit, as I’m sure you know from direct experience.

  3. Abdulmonem says :

    Light is one and many as you beautifully described it through the rainbow, so also the jeep , the physical world that take form through the formlessness of the One, the effective light with its endless potentialities.

  4. LittleBigMan says :

    “I “confessed” — if that is the right word — that most of the subjects about which I post are first formed and suggested in my dreams.”

    Insightful dreams and posts, and a very illuminating interpretation of this dream, as well. I think don Juan’s description of the “assemblage point” (I’m not sure if I remember the name he gave it correctly) fits well with the metaphor of a prism you used in the interpretation of your dream. As the “assemblage point” moves to one of 5 different points it is allowed to move to over the luminous egg, a different reality (i.e. color) can be perceived. methinks. 🙂

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