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The Balance of an Idea: Multiformity and Realisation

Once again I will remind that it is advisable to have first read the previous two posts (“The House of Stone and Light” and “The Balance of an Idea: Mandala and Pyramid“) before diving into this one, as some concepts presented here probably won’t be understandable without reference to concepts presented earlier.

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The Balance of an Idea: Mandala and Pyramid

I want here (with this post and following posts) to continue with the theme begun in the last brief essay on The House of Stone and Light, and to begin to address, in particular, some of the issues I raised in my summary comment about Martin Page’s song and the significance of this house of stone and light. As a mandala form it is a symbolic representation of what Jean Gebser would call a “structure of consciousness” — perhaps even the shape of minds to come. There is something quite “Blakean” about Mr. Page’s song; which is to say, prophetic.

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The House of Stone and Light

I listened to this remarkable song this evening. It is called “In the House of Stone and Light” and is by the musician Martin Page. The song is loaded with archetypal symbols and meanings, and I can’t help think that the song was inspired by a “power dream”.

Have a listen for yourself….

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