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In the opening chapter of his great work The Ever-Present Origin, Jean Gebser described what he perceived as the fundamental dynamic of late Modernity towards greater disintegration. It does, in some ways, resemble what Zygmunt Bauman also described in Liquid Modernity. It’s worth reviewing the relevant passage once again as a pertinent diagnosis of our malaise — of what ails us and of our sense of “lack” as described also by the Buddhist sociologist David Loy.  Here are Gebser’s remarks once again,

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And The Word Became Flesh

I love comments, particularly the stimulating ones which goad me to dig deeper.  So, this posting is a response to number of recent comments about the nature of “response” and responsibility itself.

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Return of the Lizard People, II

As mentioned briefly in the last post “The Return of the Lizard People“, professional “public communicators” of all kinds have taken a great deal of interest in the reptilian brain, the oldest layer (in evolutionary terms) of the triune brain system in humans that also includes the limbic and the neo-cortex. I also provided a couple of links to marketing firms’ websites simply to emphasise the point. Those sites were selected completely at random from a lengthy list resulting from a Google search keying on the words “advertising” and “reptilian brain”. There are many more I could have added.

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