Return of the Lizard People, II

As mentioned briefly in the last post “The Return of the Lizard People“, professional “public communicators” of all kinds have taken a great deal of interest in the reptilian brain, the oldest layer (in evolutionary terms) of the triune brain system in humans that also includes the limbic and the neo-cortex. I also provided a couple of links to marketing firms’ websites simply to emphasise the point. Those sites were selected completely at random from a lengthy list resulting from a Google search keying on the words “advertising” and “reptilian brain”. There are many more I could have added.

The reptilian brain isn’t really intelligent. It is more a kind of automaton. It is the seat of the instinctual rather than intellectual. It is not thoughtful or mindful or reflective. It is also the seat of the vitality of the body — of sexual energy, bodily homeostasis, the feeling of power, the impulsive and compulsive, etc — so it isn’t “evil” in itself except when it lacks guidance and direction provided by the “higher” intellectual or consciousness functions connected with the limbic and the neo-cortex.

I know people who are pretty much ruled by the reptilian brain. It was the organ that Nazi propaganda and mass pedagogy sought to foster, promote and cultivate as volkisch “instinct” — the instinct of “blood and soil” over intellect, of action (“will”) over thinking, of “Kultur” against “Zivilisation“, or vitalism against reason. When the Nazis spoke of their “Weltanschauung” (or total world outlook) as something inexplicable and instinctual rather than rational or intellectual, they were speaking of the functioning of the reptilian brain, even without any knowledge of neuroanatomy.

Modern propaganda and advertising (“perception management”) may seem brash and irrational (as this fellow complains) but it is highly calculated to, first, benumb the neo-cortex and, secondly, stimulate and arouse the reptilian brain. This was called by the fascists their “awakening” (as in Deutschland Erwache!). It had nothing to do with enlightenment. Just the opposite of what we might understand as “awakening”. Constant repetition is the key.

This was the experience of the author Stephen Roberts, who wrote the book The House That Hitler Built. Roberts spent almost two years in Germany studying the Nazi state between 1936 and 1938, and he seems to have had remarkable access to Nazi officials, including Hitler himself. He records how even his own critical intellectual resistance to propaganda was worn down by being constantly surrounded by it — the benumbing of the higher brain functions,

“That is Goebbels’s great inspiration – that propaganda seemingly fully documented by word and picture, may triumph over reason. Every investigator in Germany feels this – whatever his beliefs may be, the constant repetition of propaganda, in the Press, on the air, and through personal media, wears down his resistance, until he has to exert a conscious effort not to acquiesce in a campaign he would instantly question if considering it aloofly in his study in his own country. Goebbels has arrived at a mathematical relationship between the stream of propaganda and any individual’s power of resistance, and if his margin is sufficient to wear down doubting foreigners, how much more effective is it for his own nationals, predisposed as they are to be converted to the achievements of the new regime?”

In that statement, you find the rationale for the seeming irrationality of propaganda and its constant repetition of the same formulae — to disable reason and the intellect so that the instinctual — the pre-human — can rise to the seat of dominance. It was this surrender of the intellect to the “instinctual” that fascism extolled as “obedience” or “loyalty”.  It produced that strange bifurcation and schizophrenia of the personality that we have come to associate with the Nazi period.

So, when I see or hear a seemingly empty-headed and trite advertising slogan like “Obey your Thirst!”, alarm bells start to ring. Consumerism can be as mindless as fascism, promoting that same kind of thoughtless surrender of the higher brain functions to the merely instinctual. A slogan like “obey your thirst” takes direct aim at the reptilian brain.

I have used the term “profanation” and “profane” to describe this type of speech that is deliberately engineered to distract and divert the specifically human in favour of the pre-human. And this type of profaning speech and action is what others mean when they speak of “the demonic”.  Very often, what appears absurd, irrational, nonsensical and infantile is actually precisely calculated to short-circuit the defenses of the neo-cortex in order to penetrate to the reptilian brain. And with constant repetition, eventually the absurd, the unreasonable, the nonsensical and the infantile comes to be seen even as “normal”, as Stephen Roberts even witnessed in himself.

In that sense, when Eric Kahler speaks of “the breakdown of the human form” in his The Tower and the Abyss, and Gebser writes of “disintegration” of the present consciousness structure in his Ever-Present Origin, or Rosenstock-Huessy writes of “Modern Man’s Disintegration”, one can also take this as the likely result of this siege being waged against the neo-cortex in order to stimulate and arouse the reptilian brain — for fun and profit — and that this has a lot to do with the “new normal”.  For that reason, I speak of “sacred speech” and “profane speech”.

At the same time, it is forcing us to become conscious — merely as a matter of self-defence — of our vulnerabilities, which is a positive side-effect. This belongs to that “double-movement” of the times that Gebser also recognised — the coincidence of the integrative amidst the disintegrative.


13 responses to “Return of the Lizard People, II”

  1. Dominic says :

    Great posts..enjoyed both of them. They reminded me of Timothy Leary’s 8 circuit model, and Robert Anton Wilson’s expansion and that in a few books he has done (namely Prometheus Rising).

    • Scott Preston says :

      Not familiar with either of them (except the names). I’ll have to look them up and see what they have to say.

      Some time ago I read an article — I think it was in the Guardian — in which a marketer was quoted as selling cars to the reptilian brain. I really wanted to link to that article again, but couldn’t locate it. The peculiarity of the quote didn’t really strike me until later — he wasn’t selling cars to people. He was selling to the “reptilian brain”.

      So, you begin to see where the cynicism and contempt for human beings of the propagandist arises. Goebbels had the same contempt. They aren’t dealing with human beings, per se, but with something that is pre-human. The American propagandist Edward Bernays had the same contempt. It’s the blowback effect of their own activities. Propaganda also debases the propagandist. Such is the effect of profane speech.

  2. alex jay says :

    While the “reptilian brain” has been nurtured since at least the time of Bernays and matured with the advent of television, there now exists a fourth type (inc. limbic and neo-cortex), which I’ll coin the matrix brain – i.e the post-human brain. I’m sure you’ve followed the latest developments on the brain-chip technology related to memory control brough to us courtesy of DARPA et al in relation to dealing with post traumatic stress disorders in the military. In fact, what this technology is capable of amounts to nothing less than mind control – a “Brave New World Revisited” re-revisited, or more appropriately akin to the Matrix movie. The examples of where this technology and its implications are too numerous to mention, but a Google search for mind control brain chips should put anybody in the picture. Indeed, the little snippet below deals with the pill analogy in the Matrix, though white (no longer an anology) as opposed to blue or red.

    • Scott Preston says :

      I essence, you will be barcoded, and it’s interesting how this is being advanced and promoted as “freedom” as “rebellion”. The desire to take captive meets the desire to be captivated. It’s bizarre, really. I have assumed that once most people were made aware of “the foreign installation”, they would reject it. I’m no longer so sure that is the case any longer.

      Also, if you google up youtube and the reptilian brain,, you’ll find quite a bit on that subject, too, which I just discovered this morning.

      As you know, there are two things I value quite highly — truth and freedom, and they are more or less two sides of the same coin. Until recently (until the internet, that is), I assumed that all people shared these same values.

      My great surprise has been in finding that this is not really the case. Many people pay lip-service to truth and freedom, but really what they want and need is an authority to tell them what to do and what to think, because inwardly, they are a chaos of conflicting states and contradictions. So slogans like “question authority” don’t appeal to them. They want to obey. They find real individuality to be nothing but a burden. As the Pink Floyd song puts it — “comfortably numb” is considered an ideal.

      • InfiniteWarrior says :

        Until recently (until the internet, that is), I assumed that all people shared these same values.

        I don’t think you’re alone there, pal. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that everyone “online” felt the same.

        I think that will prove a good thing in the long run. The Internet has brought the world’s peoples closer together (in a manner of speaking) than ever before and, even if we all hadn’t realized it previously, we’re beginning to understand that we actually live in “a world without borders or boundaries; a world where anything is possible” (to quote Neo), illusory boundaries notwithstanding.

  3. abdulmonem says :

    We are all barcoded, some to the lower self in its three modes ,the instinctive, the limbic and the neo-cortex and this is the dilemma of the west in general and some are barcoded to the creator of these modes, Here comes the question of the faith because of the inexplicable, the incomprehensible of the unseen effective force, the creator of everything, the knower of everything and to whom everything will return and everyone will be asked about its accomplishment during its stay on earth. As there is here there is there and as the there is this life there is the other life, no opposite can be understood without its opposite. Blake said death is no more than leaving this room in order to enter another. It is a free world with free choice, he who want to dis believe let him dis believe and deny and he who want to have faith let him stick to his faith. The malady is well-known, it is time for every person to pursue the remedy, that is to leave the process of self-sabotaging and enter the process of self-. peace

  4. Scott Preston says :

    Here is a quite remarkable bit of footage from a TED talk given by someone named Joe Dispenza who speaks on inspiration and the brain. He has included actual film footage of the brain changing as it takes in new information — particularly inspirational information — a literal “in-forming”.

    I was quite pleased to find this, as it helps exemplify what I mean by sacred speech and profane speech altering the human form in deep ways.

    As he puts it beautifully “the word becomes flesh”. And I think that is important also for understanding the implications of profane speech — that is, propaganda that seeks to arouse the reptilian brain over the neo-cortex.

    • Scott Preston says :

      By the way… after watching the Dispenza video above, you might come to appreciate in a much fuller way why Rosenstock-Huessy insists that the Cartesian formula “cogito ergo sum” be replaced (or at least, dethroned) by his “respondeo, etsi mutabor” — “I respond, although I will be changed”. There’s nothing abstract about that.

  5. abdulmonem says :

    When one becomes fully absorbed in his presence and in the figures of his expression to communicate his message to a human audience, forgetting the divine audience, forgetting the presence which gives us the sense of our presence. When one becomes happy in his captivation by the appearances of things. on the expense of the inner motivator behind this phenomena of firing and wiring, behind the myriad of billion of the neurons interacting with each other to fulfill their designated purposes, completely abandoning the original accompanying creator of everything, a feeling of mistrust haunts the heart as to the authenticity of what one hears. They say truthfulness is poetic and sincerity is epical, how deeply sad one feels when the two sisters are being mistreated. Words are revelation when one sounds them with a sense of not having an audience but god.

  6. abdulmonem says :

    I forgot to ask, Response to what and to whom?

  7. LittleBigMan says :

    “Consumerism can be as mindless as fascism, promoting that same kind of thoughtless surrender of the higher brain functions to the merely instinctual.”

    Very insightful. Consumerism is probably even more disguised and undetectable to the ego than fascism.

    The most valuable idea I took away from the video by Joe Dispenza is that “Routine lowers the brain to asleep.” How true that is!

    P.S. From the pictures of me that my parents took when I was barely over one year old, I can see that my frontal lobe was much larger compared to the rest of my head 🙂 As I gathered from Joe Dispenza’s video, that part of the brain is the center of metacognition. That explains why even as a kid, I had probably a higher than usual tendency to observe “who I was being.” 🙂 And this is probably why I could never be a jerk day-in and day-out. I would catch myself quickly and tell myself “Don’t do that again!” 🙂

    • LittleBigMan says :

      Sorry, I meant to say that “Consumerism is probably even more disguised and undetectable to the SELF [not ego] than fascism.” 🙂

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