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After Nihilism

“Behind” and “beneath” all the seemingly happy glitz and glitter of Late Modernity lies something quite sinister that will bring all the vain triumphalism of the “end of history” to naught. In fact, I would say that the “end of history” was even a piece of collective self-deception in that regard – a diversion, and perhaps even a cowardly one — and of a piece with the more general Zeitgeist of delusion and denialism. There is, in Fukuyama’s celebrated End of History and the Last Man, even the occasional slip-up that suggests Fukuyama knew at some level that his thesis of the final triumph of the Modern Era and of liberal democracy was counter-factual, little more than a “noble lie” to serve the ideological and power agenda of his confrères in the neo-conservative movement, who later congealed in The Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

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In Love With The Mystery

A plug for the wonderful book by Ann Mortifee.

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Chaos and Modern Consciousness, II

All talk about “Late Modernity” or “Post-Modernity” must begin with Nietzsche. All this blather about “cultural Marxism” being the Zeitgeist is so utterly delusional that I have to consider it a sign of a mass psychosis. We are not in or entering a Marxian phase. We are in a Nietzschean phase. Hegel and Marx were both checkmated by the World Wars, and it is Nietzsche’s “two centuries of nihilism” that is currently the dominant tendency.

So, we need to grapple with Nietzsche and the meaning of Nietzsche’s “nihilism” if we are to understand the condition of the consciousness of Late Modern Man as I raised it in the last post.

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Chaos and Modern Consciousness

What happens when you subtract the very principle of conservation from conservatism?

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The Overview Versus the Point-of-View

I have been asked what my vocation is.

My vocation — my calling, as it were — is the constant quest for the words to say it; the quest for the proper idiom to describe and interpret the changes in consciousness and society as I see them today; to attempt, to the best of my ability, to articulate my perception of those changes and what they might mean for the evolution of human consciousness. For that is my main concern and interest: Whither consciousness?

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The Christian Era from Jesus to Francis Fukuyama

Most people, it seems to me, don’t understand that the Age of Reason — or what we call “the Modern Era” — came to an abrupt end with the World Wars and the Holocaust. They have been sleepwalking through the times. Most people also don’t seem to understand either that the entire Christian Era was announced null and void by Fukuyama’s “end of history”, too, and not by Nietzsche despite his announcement of the “death of God”. It was Fukuyama who sealed the Christian Era and who prepared the way for “the new normal”.

We should understand some of the meaning of all this, for therein lies one of the great ironies of our time. Nietzsche, the self-declared “anti-Christ”, actually tried to redeem Christianity from its decadence through his “revaluation of values”, while the neo-conservative Fukuyama’s chiliastic triumphalism in “the end of history” was actually anti-Christ, and a symptom of the general degeneracy of the mental-rational consciousness.

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The Patriot and the Global Soul

Moments ago, I received an email from the David Suzuki Foundation announcing The Blue Dot Tour in Canada. I was very impressed by this initiative, and I want to highlight this announcement and the forthcoming events as illustrating some of the themes I have repeatedly raised in The Chrysalis.

Finally! Yahoo!

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