This Means War

The Guardian  has on this, the hundredth anniversary of its start, posted an absolutely superb mini-documentary on the First World War. “A global guide to the First World War” really does do a great job of showing the meaning of the war as the violent collision of the past and the future that drew the entire world into the vortex.

That theme of the contrast and conflict of old and new is often subtle, but unmistakable. Viewing the clip, however, may provide you with insight into why so many considered it a watershed event in human history and why its effects still lurk and linger. Rosenstock-Huessy, who was himself a soldier in the war on the German side, thought of it as the first civil war of the global era.

Very worth viewing.


2 responses to “This Means War”

  1. srosesmith says :

    Thank you so much for this, Scott!!!

    • Scott Preston says :

      I noticed, in my viewing of the mini-doc, that it was jumping around from chapter to chapter. There are 7 parts, but I was only getting 4 or 5 of the chapters. Using the bar at the bottom to select the chapters in proper order from 1 to 7 is the best way to proceed.

      The time element or accent in the survey of the war is really outstanding. Most wars are contests for the control of space and territory between belligerents. The World War was different. Even if it started out that way, it nonetheless ended as a violent collision between the past and the future in which the Old World was swept away forever. Because they didn’t understand that it was a war of time, the peace treaty was a bungle, and the war had to be repeated.

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