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On Nietzsche’s “Last Man”

Alright… I confess it. I fibbed. After promising some relief just yesterday from the daily bombardment of postings, here I am once again. But I did say, after all, that I would cease for a spell unless something of significance transpired, and that occurred sooner than I expected. Two events worth commenting upon, in fact: the resignation of Minister Peter Mackay from the Conservative government, and the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the inquiry into the Indian Residential School system.

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The Egregore II

A last summation on this subject of the egregore before I give the blog and its long-suffering readership a rest, while I also get caught up on personal matters… like the house-cleaning, my medical condition, the gardening, etc. I have been particularly remiss recently in attending to my medical condition, (although my nephrologist assures me there are pleasing and encouraging signs of an improvement in kidney function. Some day, I’ll have to tell you about the comedic side of “End Stage Renal Disease” (ESRD).

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The Egregore

I think I briefly touched on the meaning of the “Egregore” in one or two earlier posts. And while I had thought of giving the blog (and its readership) a bit of a rest for a spell, a comment this morning by LittleBigMan (and my reply) to “A Very Brief History of Capitalism” suggested I expand upon this a bit. So the meaning of the “Egregore” is the subject of today’s posting.

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