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Possession and Obsession

Some questions about the meaning of property and ownership arose in the comments section following my post on “The American Civil War”, in the course of which I drew attention to the German philosopher Max Stirner’s politically influential book “The Ego and Its Own“, and his teaching of “egoistic individualism”. A copy of Stirner’s book, in English translation, is available online for those interested.

So, here I want to try and address the ideas of property and ownership in what we might refer to as their “spiritual” aspect, rather than their material or physical aspect, as “private property” or “real estate” or “capital”, or just plain old “stuff”.

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The American Civil War

The Charleston massacre has highlighted some of the unresolved issues of the American Civil War, which are now being addressed in yet another round-about way. I think the whole thing has been poorly thought out and hasn’t really touched upon the issue that should be addressed — the principle of private property.

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