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A Tsunami of Unreason

If you spend as much time as I do monitoring the news and commentary of the day — “current events”, as they are called — you come to an awful conclusion: that there is a veritable tsunami of unreason and illogic at our “end of history” and in “the new normal”. Something has gone terribly awry with the content and process of thinking: it’s fractured, tortured, twisted, insipid, banal. Self-contradiction and “cognitive dissonance” are epidemic.

You have to wonder how it is that generations of public education have yielded such poor results?

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Dehiscence and “Golden Age”

“Dehiscence” is a term used in botany to describe the last stages in the life of a plant or flower. It is when the plant, upon reaching maturity, dies, but in the process bursts or otherwise broadcasts its seeds. In the old Dark Age Blog, I used that term to describe the last stages of an over-ripe civilisation. In this post, I want to give some examples of that, and to suggest that the “dehiscence” of the Modern Era has already occurred.

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“March of Folly” Meets “The End of History”

For anyone who thinks that Barbara Tuchman’s account of history as the “March of Folly” ended with former neo-con Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of “The End of History” — that is to say, that the “March of Folly” finally ended with the superior wisdom of neo-conservatism or neo-liberalism — well, all I can say is: “I’ve got a genuine extraterrestrial flying saucer for sale”. I also have an interesting historical anecdote about that and about “blowback” which, for some inexplicable reason, occurs to me a 3:00 am in the morning.

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