A Curious Coincidence?

I didn’t know it, but apparently London, Ontario was once the “serial killer capital” of the world. That’s according to a curious article in yesterday’s Guardian, which put the question: “What turned one city in Canada into the ‘serial killer capital’ of the world?”

The question still obsesses retired sleuths who still work on cold cases. But reading further into the article you find this rather curious coincidence — that jurisdictions with high “sexually deviant and violent” behaviours also happen to be favoured “test market[s] for major brands that want to introduce new products”. Besides London, Ontario, it mentions in that respect also Richmond, Virginia, Muncie, Indiana, and Rochester, New York as having “all had alarmingly similar histories, with violent crime rates higher than the national average.”

While it may prove to be accidental, the first thing that occurred to me when I read that was “the lizard brain”, and my earlier remarks on the dangers of poking and prodding the lizard brain using research from neurological sciences for marketing and propaganda objectives (In “Return of the Lizard People” and “Return of the Lizard People II“). Perhaps even the present “Zombie” meme that has become so prevalent in popular myth and culture has some connection. I don’t know if this suggestive curious coincidence is “blowback” or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a connection.

It might prove quite difficult to test whether arousing the “ancient force” associated with the lizard brain is connected with the high rates of sociopathy — of sexual and violent criminality in these “test markets”, and as being more effective amongst those with little in the way of personal insight or self-restraint who might be especially vulnerable to subtle messages simulating ancient impulses of sexuality, insecurity, fear, envy, or appetite — common themes in advertising and propaganda.



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