Mystics and Mistakes

After much prodding and urging by my landlord and landlady, I finally got around to spending some time viewing some of the Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s talks and lectures on Youtube, particularly a lengthy one called “Conversation with a Mystic” that aired on Indian television. Sadhguru was India’s selected emissary for the recent International Yoga Day.

Sadhguru is an engaging fellow, full of humour, who looks somewhat askance at the description of himself as a “mystic”, although he quipped that there are really only two types of people in the world: “mystics or mistakes”, which made me laugh. Then, interesting for me, he followed up that witticism with a discussion of the “four parts of the mind”, or the fourfold self.

The interview is a bit lengthy, running almost two hours (and I haven’t as yet finished listening to it completely myself) but you might find it interesting if you don’t already know of Jaggi Vasudev. He does touch upon quite a few themes that are also raised here in The Chrysalis.


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