I Daresay

To call a bald-faced lie and fabrication “political truth“, or dictatorship and authoritarianism “executive democracy“, and this often by the very same people who demand “moral clarity” of others and accuse them of “cowardice” for not overtly declaring their intentions and loyalties, while overlooking in themselves this particular moral cowardice in not willing to call a thing by its true name: that takes some chutzpah. But that’s even the new normal in Canadian public affairs.

The fact that “serial liars” get re-elected to public office, time and time again, eliciting an exasperated former Haida president Miles Richardson to shout “quit sending snivelling politicians to Ottawa!” certainly attests to there being something wrong about the “Age of Information”.

Why have we become inured to the habits of prevarication, pretense, and dissembling? Why don’t we recognise these things as symptoms of a deep social pathology?

It’s probably because everybody participates in the same pathology that this kind of serial lying appears “normal”, even acceptable; a part of the “natural order of things” as that’s understood today — political camouflage, the political chameleon. That’s how it’s done in nature. The spider spins a web to catch the fly.

It’s all part of our re-invasion by nature, in those terms, in which the return of the “struggle for survival”, rat race and the law of the jungle figure as norms. The Naked Ape now turns to Nature for its models and standards of behaviour, and in Nature virtually anything goes in the struggle for survival — deception, disguise, camouflage, dissembling, concealment, simulation, fakery. The Naked Ape is the new normal in that sense.

It seems that no one even considers lying a political risk, any longer. Canada’s Mr. Harper has been caught in so many lies that people just seem to shrug it off or make excuses for it.  “It’s not a “lie”. It’s “political truth!” No, it’s not creeping fascism! It’s “executive democracy!””

We’ve developed habits of prevarication precisely because we’ve become all too natural!


One response to “I Daresay”

  1. Scott Preston says :

    Good article today by Ira Wells in The Guardian, highlighting the mood of political parnoia in the country today. “anti-Muslim paranoia is the pornography of the contemporary Conservative”


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