A Political Resource on Authoritarianism

Someone pointed out University of Manitoba research psychologist Bob Altemeyer’s book The Authoritarians as something very worth reading. Altemeyer has made his research and book available for free online, and I’ll provide a link to that free download below.

I came across a reference to The Authoritarians and Altemeyer’s other research while digging up the dirt on Stephen Harper published by The Tyee (“Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled” 10. Aug. 2015). There was a reference to it by someone in the comments section. It sounded very good.

I’ve only scanned pages of the book so far, but it strikes me as an even better take on the subject of right-wing extremism and the reactionary mentality than Corey Robin’s more partisan The Reactionary Mind or Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind, (the latter I admittedly have yet to read in full). Nor have I read Theodor Adorno’s research published in The Authoritarian Personality. I have had Adorno’s studies on my bookshelf for sometime, but have never cracked them open. So I can’t say how Altemeyer’s and Adorno’s studies compare.

Those interested in Altemeyer’s research on authoritarianism and understanding the roots of the authoritarian personality (which is a very timely subject) can download his book here.


3 responses to “A Political Resource on Authoritarianism”

  1. Scott Preston says :

    Fixed the link to the download, for those of you who may have been wondering why it wasn’t coming up.

    • LittleBigMan says :

      Thanks, Chief. I’m sure I’ll love reading the book; if and when I retire someday, that is. 🙂

      My own naïve and unscholarly – but as experienced in a life lived – take on this subject is that the age of authoritarians who acted on their own behalf is either long gone or it’s rapidly coming to a close; notwithstanding the very isolated North Korea.

      I know you are deeply concerned about the politics in Canada, but take a look at the Middle East, for example. The region has not known anything but authoritarian figures, many of whom were too self-righteous to even accept that they were authoritarian.Yet, about these same figures, there are two histories. One is a history documented in most books and library shelves, and it contains interviews and whatever false information the author was able to gather from officially forged documents and channels. Another history is the one you learn by connecting the dots; many dots 🙂

      If you read the official history books about the region, even the most trusting and casual individual reader would have to admit that there are lots of gaps. But a more closer look reveals lots and lots and lots of things that simply don’t make any sense at all. On the other hand, if you dig into the secret history of the region, looking at the family trees and what not of the key shadowy individuals whose obscure names pop up here and there now and then, you’ll see something as precise as clockwork – no gaps and all purpose. Evidence of the deeds of a determined ancient network.

      Middle East now is in complete possession of this ancient network that helped install and support mindless authoritarians in the region for many centuries only to see the Old Testament materialize as both Syria and Iraq are being depopulated and slowly “wiped off the map”, while shadowy men of God and clerics are showing up with bundles and bundles of cash buying up huge properties in these same areas where the indigenous people are packing up and fleeing.

      So, even as I have not yet read the book, I hope the author’s work on authoritarianism identifies the phenomenon for what it really is: an expedient tool in the service of the Money Changers. In my opinion, whether authoritarian figures themselves are conscious of this or not is immaterial.

  2. abdulmonem says :

    .Diseases are contagious and those who rule over the middle east are western puppets. In the old time they were concealed from most people , in our time they work in the open. If Scott is feeling bad regarding the situation in Canada,how do you expect the peoples of Iraq or others in the region feel. Anyway our universe is not a reckless place, the move for correction is always present and our history is a good testifier in this regard. It is the corrective irruptions Scott monitors speak about. This time the correction is universal, engulfing the whole globe. LBM speaking of the middle east is indicative.

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