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From Point-Of-View to Overview

In the mirror of politics, the state of society and of consciousness is reflected most clearly. To be sure, it isn’t the only mirror of the state of society — cultural life and the economic organisation of society also reflect the state of consciousness as being also reflections of assumptions about reality and of the human self-understanding. But in politics this is made rather more explicit.

And it is in contemporary politics that the breakdown and disintegration of the secular order of space and time, which we call “Modern Era” (or “the mental-rational structure of consciousness” expressed as “perspectivism”), is becoming more and more apparent. Here, the full implications of the post-modern “end of the Grand Narrative” is becoming quite evident, so much so, in fact, that it becomes even difficult to speak of a shared or “common life” at all.

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The Disorderly Mind

There’s nothing like an election campaign to reveal the disorderly logic of the postmodern mind. You’ve probably noticed it yourself. It lacks coherence. It is quite inarticulate.

As above, so below this disorderliness of the mind or consciousness structure is reflected at the “micro” level,  in such superficially articulate but completely unintelligible postmodern manifestos like Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto“, to mass perceptions of “the coming anarchy” and the perceived need for a “New World Order”. That disorderliness of the deficient mental-rational consciousness structure is what made “the Sokal hoax” of postmodernism so pertinent.

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Conservatives Rebuked, Harperism Repudiated

It was an interesting election. If you haven’t heard, the Liberal Party of Canada won a clear majority in yesterday’s national poll. It was not the optimum result. Despite all the cries for “change” it was really only a return to the status quo ante. Ho hum. A Liberal government with a Conservative opposition with the social democratic NDP back in third place and a small rump of Bloc Quebecois legislators. Oh yes, and one Green. But at least Mr. Harper has been sent packing.

This was an election about values, and not economics. “It’s the economy, stupid!” as a political principle revealed the limits of its applicability and relevance. Despite all attempts by the ruling party and the corporate media to make it an election exclusively about economics and managerialism, the majority of Canadians tacked the other way.

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The Vote

Today is voting day in Canada, and a good opportunity, therefore, to talk about the higher meaning of the word and the act of voting. Many people take it far too lightly and frivolously. But it also has a deeper — one might say even “spiritual” — significance.

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The Long and Winding Road

Canada votes Monday, and it looks to be the end of Stephen Harper’s ignominious tenure as Canada’s most pernicious Prime Minister. The only question now is whether it will be a Liberal majority or a Liberal minority government, the social democrats having faded and wilted during the long campaign — a long campaign strategically planned by the ruling party to exhaust their opponent’s resources, but which now appears to have backfired on the Conservatives.

Whither the democracy and why? I’ve put that question before and now is as good a time as any to put the question again, since democracies everywhere are undergoing stress and fracture as part of the post-modern condition, Nietzsche’s “two centuries of nihilism”, and Gebser’s general “disintegrative” dynamic at our “end of history”, as Mr. Fukuyama called it.

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The Status Quo

The Earth has reached something of a milestone, today. Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report 2015 now reports that 1% of the Earth’s population now holds half of the world’s wealth.

This trend towards such gaping socioeconomic inequality can’t continue, so why are there so many who still want to preserve, uphold, and maintain the status quo?

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The Dream of the Fish, Redux

I suppose it’s time to tell my own story once again. Veteran readers of this blog (bless their hearts, they’ve put up with it for a decade now), in its various incarnations as The Dark Age Blog and the present Chrysalis, will likely recall the story. It’s what makes me tick. It’s what brought me to blogging about the things I blog about in the first place.

“The Dream of the Fish” was, I believe, the very second blog entry I ever wrote after launching The Dark Age Blog 10 years ago. Even those familiar with the tale may find novelties in the retelling, as new elements and aspects of the experience have come to light over the years also.

So, here’s my story, once again.

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