Paris 13/11

The tragic events yesterday in Paris are, of course, an aspect of that “havoc” that Pogany sees as the theme of the 21st century. It probably needs no mention or commentary on my part, but I thought that I would try to put “Daesh” (ISIS) in context, as a lost cause that is at war with the whole world. Some have painted Daesh as a novel terrorist and or political phenomenon, which it isn’t. There are precedents for it in history.

Daesh is already a lost cause for having picked fights on far too many fronts, internally and externally — including, bizarrely, against Hezbollah, the Taliban, and even al-Qaeda. Under those circumstances, how can the “Caliphate” prevail at all? It is already a lost cause.

There are reactionary precedents for Daesh as “lost cause”. There were the Nazi “werevolves” that terrorised Germans and the Allies both after the fall of the Third Reich. Another precedent was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) after the fall of the southern Confederacy in the American Civil War. I see Daesh is being the same kind of formation and phenomenon — a lost cause that, nonetheless, can and will cause mayhem until it finally squanders and exhausts itself.

Oddly enough, although someone must have drawn those comparisons, I haven’t read any such comparisons in print.


18 responses to “Paris 13/11”

  1. LittleBigMan says :

    From what I have read, heard, and looking at the impact of what Daesh does, I agree with those that believe that Daesh is a creation of Israel.

    Injured Daesh fighters were observed receiving medical treatment on the Israeli side of the Israeli-Syrian border. Daesh members were observed walking about in towns on the Iranian side of the Iran-Iraq border without meeting any resistance from the local police or military. This is significant because the Iranian government is another older creation of Money Changers. The only conclusion is that Daesh troops have orders not to create mayhem in Iran, since the Iranian regime is the servant of those same Money Changer masters that Daesh itself serves. But I expect that if a popular uprising begins in Iran and begins to show signs of success, those elements of the Israeli government and Money Changers in Iran, even Daesh sleeper cells in that country, become active and begin their string of bombings in Iran like they have done in Iraq and Syria. Then, a regime of mullahs that is nearing its end can tell the people of the world, “Oh, look, before the uprising none of this was happening,” whereas of course, it’s the agents of the Iranian government itself that will be terrorizing the people. You can predict the whole thing before even it happens.

    Erdogan’s Turkish troops were observed chatting with Daesh troops across Turkey’s border with Syria. This, after it broke out in 2014 that an Iranian Jew by the name of Reza Sarraf (the last name “Sarraf” literally means Money Changer) was in cahoots with the son of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to bribe Turkish cabinet members in order for the Iranian Jewish government to be able to bypass sanctions and be able to smuggle Oil and Gold out through Turkey. Isn’t that the same route that Daesh is using to smuggle out and sell Oil to other countries? Not to mention that Reza Sarraf is a protégé of another Iranian Jew Billionaire, Babak Zanjani, who himself has been the target of global investigation and sanction. In a taped courtroom confession Zanjani admitted having 22 – 23 Billion Euros in cash in foreign banks. Again, not to mention that the Israeli technology has been used since the inception of the mullah’s regime to quell popular uprisings and support the mullah’s regime.

    Daesh is the tool with which Israel and the secret club of Money Changers and FreeMasons in the Middle East are depopulating Iraq and Syria of their indigenous Arab populations in order to fulfill the fake prophecies mentioned in the Old Testament. Elsewhere, Daesh is being used to simply create mayhem, chaos, and take revenge and try to intimidate nations when necessary.

    But I think that Europe and the world is waking up to what Money Changers (bankers + equity market leaders) have cooked up for them. The flood of migrants into Europe, and the lax rules to accept them in these countries, have all been a plot to undermine social, political, and economic security in these nations; not to mention the attempt to undermine the sovereignty of these nations with a banking system that has become the overlord of the member European states. Europeans are intelligent and know what’s going on, but the legacy of the Third Reich has made the subject untouchable. What a pickle!

  2. Scott Preston says :

    The Iraq War was one of the biggest blunders in world history. It uncorked the genie from the bottle, and it’s proving damnably difficult to put the genie back into the bottle.

    That has to do with the working out of the “karmic law”. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the current situation is a fine example of it — or what I’ve been calling “ironic reversal” — perverse outcome, unintended consequence, revenge effect, etc, etc. The motives for the Iraq War were impure motives and intentions. The overt or propaganda message of a pretentious goodwill masked what were actually only banal and venal motives and objectives, and even in most cases severe self-deception about those motives.

    And that is the fundamental issue — the law will be fulfilled, and it is the law itself that is working itself out as a “fate”. In this, individuals and groups are merely the set pieces, agencies, or even playthings of the karmic law of action and reaction.

    As I wrote back then, at the start of the Iraq War, “civilisation now goes home to die”. The was the basic meaning of “Shock and Awe”. it was just another form of self-negation and self-contradiction in the form of impure intentions, and that is what is working itself out now in the form of “havoc”.

    The world is a very spiritual place, at root, even if we are blind to that reality because we have separated the spiritual from the physical, mind from body, consciousness from cosmos. If we have to learn the lesson of our delusions and self-deceptions from crisis and disaster — apocalyptically –, then that will have to be the way we learn that lesson. Our own thoughts and deeds will become fate for us.

    • Scott Preston says :

      Just to add to the foregoing — the ultimate truth is this — that as long as human beings do not have insight into the karmic law of action and reaction, and that means ultimate insight into themselves, then they will not be free at all, and in any sense. They will be the playthings of the law only — like dry leaves blown about by a strong wind, devoid of life; empty shells. Samsaric existence is the rule of karma. Ultimately the meaning of “dharma” is the insight into “karma”. That’s as simple a statement about the meaning of “the spiritual” as it gets — knowledge of karma. With that knowledge and insight comes freedom, and that is what we know as “transcendence”.

      To be entangled in the net of the karmic law, like a fly in a spider’s web or like dry leaves blown about by strong winds, is the meaning of samsaric existence, and is in that sense what we call “fate”. “Storms to the stormy”, as Seth put it. This is true for everyone as long as there is no higher insight. Therefore, gaining knowledge and insight into the meaning and workings and dynamics of the karmic law should be everyone’s chief task and purpose.

      • LittleBigMan says :

        “The Iraq War was one of the biggest blunders in world history. It uncorked the genie from the bottle, and it’s proving damnably difficult to put the genie back into the bottle.”

        And something that America will get the bad wrap for forever and ever. But it was Money Changers like Paul Wolfowitz who were key in starting that war. Money Changers mostly act from behind the scenes and rarely get noticed for the violent impact they have around the world. If the West doesn’t wake up, all its gains in human rights and its deep and rich culture will be pummeled by those who have $billions and will buy its democratically elected representatives in order to do the bidding for their darkest deeds. Just look at Libya. What in the world was the rationale to attack that country? They had even given up their nuclear program entirely.

        First Israel bombs the Iraqi nuclear program to bits in the 1980s, and then turns around and motivates Iran to start a clandestine nuclear program through its own agents on the ground, who are very active in the government of that country, only to leak information about the program out to the world in order to start a regime of sanctions that tightened the noose around the neck of the people of that country.

        Money Changers are in full control in the Middle East. The net result of this has been an all but vanished middle class and abject poverty and insecurity throughout the region. The attack on Iraq that started in 2003 was a plot of Money Changers from the start, but it’s the American nation that receives the hate mail for it. The correct address for hate mail is always the Money Changers, not America, not Britain, not France, not etc. It’s the same Money Changers, by the way, who are behind austerity measures all over this planet.

        The laws in the West should change in order to keep out the influence of Money Changers in the government. This is the true challenge that lies ahead. If this is done properly, all other problems resolve themselves one by one.

        • LittleBigMan says :

          ” If this is done properly, all other problems resolve themselves one by one.”

          By that I meant to say that when the influence of Money Changers in the government is blocked, patriotic individuals will have breathing room to grow and assume power. When that happens, these people will work to resolve their nation’s problems.

        • Scott Preston says :

          The laws in the West should change in order to keep out the influence of Money Changers in the government. This is the true challenge that lies ahead. If this is done properly, all other problems resolve themselves one by one.

          This has never been the position taken by The Chrysalis. The “mental-rational structure of consciousness” itself is the convergence of various factors — not just Judeo-Christianity, but “the Greek Mind” as well. Blaming the Greeks, the Romans, or the Jews or the West’s own nativist origins for the mental-rational consciousness structure now functioning in “deficient mode” is not the point. The point is the very structure of consciousness — the soil, in which the aberrant manifestations of late modernity can take root, and indeed flourish.

          Human beings like to think of themselves as “causes”, when they are only effects, results, outcomes, and agencies — a bundle of usually second-hand and derivative beiiefs and impressions cobbled together in a patchwork. Nobody is deceived or duped or deluded unless they want to be deceived or duped or deluded, usually as an escape from fear and anxiety, which is pretty much the “human condition”. Fear and anxiety and stress make people act and think in aberrant and distorted ways — EVERYONE.

          I don’t blame anyone, or any group, for what has been the folly and errors and blunders of millenia. It is all rooted in an ignorance which is pretty well-nigh universal. It’s all one and the same ignorance variously repeated in much the same way over and over again — like Groundhog Day. You’ld think we would finally get tired of that.

          • LittleBigMan says :

            “This has never been the position taken by The Chrysalis. The “mental-rational structure of consciousness” itself is the convergence of various factors — not just Judeo-Christianity, but “the Greek Mind” as well.”

            This is why I am speaking to an element of the mental-rational consciousness structure that’s associated with the profit motive. Currently, the profit motive – led by Money Changers in a major way – is polluting the mental, the psychic, and the spiritual habitat of our species; not to mention, of course, the physical habitat as well.

            Humanity has to push back against Money Changers without beating around the bush. Economic inequality has had a lot to do with many tragic events around the world since the turn of the century. Laws that center about social justice are only one way to push back. Without that, slums of Calcutta will be the experience that future generations will have to look forward to all over this world; methinks.

            • Scott Preston says :

              The name “human” (or “all-too-human”, as the case may be) is practically a synonym for “blunderer” or “bungler”, and will remain so as long as there remains ignorance of the karmic law.

  3. LittleBigMan says :

    “The world is a very spiritual place, at root,……”

    I love it. I concur, entirely.

  4. abdulmonem says :

    The role of the human in earth is not only to understand the law of karma but to work with that part, one already knows of the law , namely to identify the perpetrators and do what one can to fight them. Talking in generality does not help. In the islamic context the Jews who are playing from behind the scene, are identified as the perpetrators of the corruption scenario in the world putting the christian in front to fight the Islamic world instead of them. It is no wonder to see all this Islamic phobia in the west with complete ignorance of what the Jews are doing in the middle east. People in the west can not talk against Israel, if they do they will be put in jail. The stories of those who talked are well-known. This is not to say all Jews are bad but those who buy politicians to execute their agenda and their stories that have no longer in the dark. The blind invasion of Iraq is a Jewish ploy executed by greedy american government. It is a kind of revenge to their sorrow on the river of Babylon. The world is a very spiritual place, at root but alas has been corrupted by the usury of the money changer whom Jesus severely condemned .Independent christian starts to awake in this dark world of ours. I am not a hate-monger but a truth-finder. We can not understand god work but we can understand human action and can say what is good and what is bad. It is a complex world and no one can feel sure where god stops and the human begins or where human stops and god begins, and in this sea of uncertainty we have to function.

  5. LittleBigMan says :

    “The name “human” (or “all-too-human”, as the case may be) is practically a synonym for “blunderer” or “bungler”, and will remain so as long as there remains ignorance of the karmic law.”

    One of the reasons I love The Chrysalis is because of its acknowledgement of the karmic law. In the East, parents often raise their children talking about this and warning them to be good or else they will be gotten by this law.

    I know you have an essay about this just today. So, I’m looking forward to read that before the next dawn around here – hopefully 🙂

  6. abdulmonem says :

    I checked the meaning of bungler and blunderer and find that it refers to those who make mistakes because of incompetence, but here we are in front of an intentional crime.

  7. alex jay says :

    Irony of ironies …

    Friday the 13th plays a special role in French history. It was October 13, 1307 that King Philip IV decided that wiping out the Knights Templar was a better option than repaying his debts to said order. Consequently, he unleashed his goons and virtually wiped them out. Fast forward 708 yeas later and the mortal enemies of the crusaders wreak vengeance in a “karmic” contradiction … we sure are living in a topsy-turvy world when it takes a bunch of “Islamic” fools to repay a Templar blood-debt!

    • Scott Preston says :

      I had a “vision” (don’t know what else to call it) last night of the soul of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It was a ghoul, a devil, a thing deformed. A red thing. Red with rage. A red ravening maw. A Moloch. Hard to describe and picture in words. It wasn’t a pleasant sight, but it left an impression — this thing covered over with the trappings of religion. And “trappings” is the right word — it has lured and seduced many to its ambitions.

      Anyway, I’m off to Calgary for a few days, so might not be too timely in replying to comments.

      • alex jay says :

        “Anyway, I’m off to Calgary for a few days, …”

        Enjoy the rodeo … or whatever Calgary has to offer these days? : )

      • alex jay says :

        Why have a nightmare about al-Baghdadi (a pawn), when there are bigger monsters to fry like the cohort of the real demons like the Blairs, Bushes, Clintons et al neo-con avatars that work for Moloch … or as Little Big Man alludes to: “the money changers”?

        • LittleBigMan says :

          Yes, Alex Jay, the Money Changers are the true monsters because they are the only group or cult that have shown the rest of humanity that they are not willing to share. They want it all for themselves. All of what mother earth has to offer to her children. All of the profit, all of the time, for thousands of years.

      • LittleBigMan says :

        “It wasn’t a pleasant sight, but it left an impression — this thing covered over with the trappings of religion.”

        A brilliant dream, indeed. Our spirits may have connected in the dream world, I’d say, because that’s exactly what’s been happening in the Middle East with Al-Baghdadi and other Money Changers like him. In that part of the world, religion is being used to entrap and use and abuse people. Religion is the mask of the Money Changers in the Middle East.

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