The Four Horsemen

I’m surprised that everybody seems to know about this unnerving film documentary called The Four Horsemen but me. I only came across it today, even though it covers many of the issues addressed in The Chrysalis and the earlier Dark Age Blog. In fact, I don’t think The Four Horsemen actually has covered the half of it (well, maybe the half of it).

Nonetheless, I highly recommend everybody watch this video.

One can quibble with its conclusions on the need for a reformed free market Capitalism (which actually sounds more like anarcho-socialism rather than reformed Capitalism). There’s a certain irony in the conclusion of the film that since Capitalism has been reformed in the past, then it can be done again. Yet, we’ve ended in much the same place once again. So, when are we finally going to be done with “reform”? At least the film recognises the systemic and structural nature of the present crisis.

What The Four Horsemen does not say: Artificial Intelligence (robotics) has reached the stage where mass occupational substitions have become feasible, and are even now beginning. Hundreds of job categories are about to disappear, and this at a time of record private and public debt. No need, I think, to go into the implications and consequences of that (just to add to the current problems of climate change and financial crisis). While the film addresses the debt problem, it leaves unmentioned the implementation of large scale automation. All this amounts to, if you will pardon the expression, a perfect ShitStorm in the making. And yet, few seem to be talking about that at all.

Anyway, here’s The Four Horsemen — for your viewing enjoyment…




5 responses to “The Four Horsemen

  1. abdulmonem says :

    Thank you for the weeping documentary of our human predicament. It is complementary to the frightening story covered by William Astore on how the honourable national army is turned into deceptive mercenary operation associated with all sorts of fraud and cheat. It is astonishing to see the separation between the human intellect and his emotion and the indictment of other crimes irrespective of its defensive nature and keep silent of our crime despite its offensive atrocity. I feel we are living in a time when the revenge effect will display itself automatically to engulf the perpetrator, since the human seems incapable of correcting the crises he has created. The agitation that he caused that tolerate no silence and no inactivity, the two pillars of meditation the path for god. It is time for sadness and not anger perhaps in that we may find the supportive role toward his guidance in this mess.

    • Scott Preston says :

      Yes, indeed. The human race, as a whole, finds itself in a deep quandry at the “end of history”, and I’m not sure that the proposals for alleviating that quandry made at the end of the film will actually accomplish much. Quandry. Predicament. Those are the right words.

      • Mark Dotson says :

        Thanks for the film suggestion, Scott. Watched it last evening. Nothing surprising, I suppose. From what we’re seeing this US presidential election year, looks like the snowball is accelerating down the proverbial slippery slope. I hope to God we can reverse it somehow.


        • Scott Preston says :

          Yes, not much new there for those who have been paying attention. But for those who haven’t, it may well come as a shock. The merit of the film is a) it gathers most of the issues in one place and b) emphasises its structural and systemic character, rather than the usual conspiratorial accusations of greediness, deviousness of a few individuals. The film looks deeper than that — not so much the weeds, but the soil in which the weeds flourish. That’s important, although even in those terms it omits to say a few things.

  2. LittleBigMan says :

    I finally had the chance to watch the video. I took away from the clip some favorite phrases: “era of fraud”, “formless enemy”, “bloodless revolution”, ” and “self-educated man”.

    Of course, I believe that what was called “formless enemy” is the reason for this “era of fraud.” We have this “formless enemy” because it has learned to act and strike from behind a camouflage. And the camouflage can be religion, a banking system, a king or a ruler, or a multinational corporation. This “formless enemy” hides behind whatever we happen to aspire to by way of buying his way there, and then strikes from his hideout.

    I think my most favorite quote from the documentary is the following excerpt, which says volumes about the tactic used by this “formless enemy”. Going from minute 41:13 – 41:35 it is only 22 seconds long, but it captures everything in a nutshell:

    “The Goldman Sachs machine is one of using profits to buy up influence in Washington to change laws to make it easier to make money on Wall Street to be used to buy influence in Washington. So, it’s a self-reinforcing malfeasance machine that is continuing to grow as a parasite in the economy and continuing to kill the host.”

    Yes, that “host” by the way, is the United States’ working and middle classes, if not the entire reputation and well-being of the country.

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