The Divided Brain and “The Second Coming”

I should mention (and this seems significant enough for me to highlight it as a follow-up posting to a comment I made today to the earlier post “Just Another Strange Attractor”) that the relation of the Falcon and the Falconer in W.B.Yeats’ ominous poem “The Second Coming” is the same relationship of the Master and the Emissary that Iain McGichrist highlights in his book on the divided brain called The Master and his Emissary. That may help you interpret both the meaning of Yeats’ poem and McGilchrist’s concerns as well.

And, as I mentioned in that comment to “Just Another Strange Attractor”, Yeats’ “widening gyre” has some meaning in terms of Holling’s Adaptive Cycle, when properly understood.

And that’s all I will have to say about that for the time being, as you may not have previously realised the connection between the divided brain, the Master and Emissary, and Yeats’ Falconer and Falcon.


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