The Panama Papers and the Neo-Liberal Fraud

Stunning revelations in “The Panama Papers” breaking today on The Guardian website, demonstrating just how rotten and corrupt the global political arrangements and financial system really is. The whole system is rotten. This is more than mere Plutocracy. It’s a massive Kleptocracy. The global economy is a revealed as being a monstrous Kleptocracy. Stunning.

You can link to the breaking news here, said to be the result of the “biggest leak in history“. Be sure to read “Hidden Wealth” and The Guardian’s own assessement of it. Reportedly, it has already brought down the Iceland government.

If this doesn’t finally break the global neo-liberal regime, and expose it as a fraud, I really don’t know what will.



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  1. LittleBigMan says :

    Good heavens! You write faster than I can read. Well, I’ll have to go to the grocery store and do my shopping for a week before delving into this essay 🙂

    • Scott Preston says :

      I haven’t really commented on the revelations in The Guardian. I presume they will speak for themselves. Altlhough, as The Guardian is quick to point out, most of these practices are not “illegal” (in terms of the legal regime established by Neo-Liberalism anyway), they are nonetheless evidence of profound corruption encouraged by structural and systemic distortion..

      • LittleBigMan says :

        The Panama Papers’ leak is a step in the right direction. But the financial fraud committed here are really peanuts compared to what is happening in the Middle East:

        I was happy to see Mahmood Ahmadinejad’s face pop up in several spots where the faces of other leaders who have participated in this fraud were also shown (along with Assad, Putin, etc.). Ahmadinejad’s father changed the family last name from Saboorchian to Ahmadinejad. Saboorchian was a known Jewish last name in the city where baby Mahmood was born.

        One of those links led to a video clip (10+ minutes long) where the discussants mention the Sicilian mafia, the Russian mafia, and the Yakuza. But no mention of the ancient Jewish mafia that hails all the way from the dark depths of the Middle East to Central Europe to the Diamond district in New York City was made. Nevertheless an ancient Jewish mafia, which is deeply involved in financial fraud and crimes exists; and it operates globally, and it is a superpower several fold more powerful than the U.S. government. They are the true untouchables, they operate only from the shadows. No one is allowed to talk about them; especially not after the Second World War. If no one can drive this planet to its darkest fate, surely, the Rothschilds can.

        The biggest crime these people commit is not really these silly offshore bank accounts and their fraudulently creative lending practices. But their true crime is their millenia old REFUSAL TO SHARE WEALTH with the people of the countries in which they spread their tentacles.

        Thank you for posting about this news, cause none of the major news networks in the U.S. (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) have so far mentioned anything about this.

        Here are a couple of other links that might be of interest:

        • Scott Preston says :

          The story, though, has long legs. I’ve been watching the global news feeds all evening, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Canada… it’s getting bigger — so is the web of entanglements –, although I haven’t seen much yet from the States as yet (The Atlantic had something).

          Could be a major turning point, perhaps even scuttling the prospects for the TPP, as these trade deals will now be seen (and largely are in many respects) to merely aid and facilitate a global kleptocracy.(Joseph Stiglitz recently gave a speech in Canada implying as much, and suggesting Canada not ratify the TPP). So, it’s good news in that respect.

          If the Anthropos of the Anthropocene takes the shape of a man, that shape appears to be a kleptes — a thief. Oddly enough, I was reading today in Gebser’s EPO and his discussion of the indo-Germanic root for “conceal” — *kel. It’s the same root from which Kleptes (Greek for thief) is formed.

          • LittleBigMan says :

            Your post prompted me to dig up Stiglitz’s comments about TPP. Apparently, governments that sign on to TPP can be sued by private businesses regarding obstructions of their operations because of environmental impact concerns.

            I agree that the awareness that the leaks bring is good.

            I wish these people were just “Kleptes”. But they are more than that. They are monsters. Even the most terrifying monsters that Greek mythology has given birth to (Gorgon?) pales in comparison. And,……oh, yes,…… and they also hide in the shadows and steal while they don’t even need to.

        • Scott Preston says :

          Just as an aside, I don’t subscribe to your paranoia about an ancient Jewish mafia. I don’t doubt a Jewish mafia exists, like other national criminal syndicates, but hardly a “superpower”. That’s just paranoid thinking in my view.

          • LittleBigMan says :

            The Jewish mafia’s superpower status comes from their deep influence in every (or most) government(s) on earth. I have no doubt that Iraq and Libya would not have been attacked by the coalition forces had it not been for the influence of this Jewish mafia. On the other hand, I have no doubt that Israel’s satellite regime in Iran would be destroyed by the United States had it not been for the influence of this Jewish mafia to stop an all out invasion against Iran.

            When you have enough power to have the U.S. government and military do the work for you, then you are a superpower. Even ISIS is their creation and that terrorist entity has involved the United States’ military in another war in the Middle East. Now, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudis are some of the main regional backers of ISIS. But few people know that the Turkish president, Recep Tayip Erdogan is famous in Turkey for being a “dönme”.

            A “dönme” is a Jewish Turk who has ostentatiously assumed another faith’s identity; not to mention that Islam itself is a fabrication of Jews to begin with.

            But this menace is deeper than a dreamed up imaginary crack-pot theory of mine. It’s unbelievable what some of my activist acquaintances have had to go through with this menace that always hides in the dark and always has some other power (small or big) do the fighting for it. One of them had to hire a lawyer and dig VERY DEEP (British House of Commons) in order to find out what he was up against.

  2. Scott Preston says :

    The Pulitzer Centre has a brief video putting the scandal in a broader global context.

    • LittleBigMan says :

      Of course, while there’s this leak about Syrian government’s offshore accounts to avoid sanctions to pay for arms, the video does not mention that the Iranian government has been paying at least $450 million dollars a month (over $5 Billion annually) to Assad’s regime to support lengthening the war in Syria. A war whose certain outcome and sole purpose has been to depopulate Syria and Iraq of their native populations.

      Here’s to Gebser’s “double movement”: Turkey, Qatar, and Saudis support ISIS. And Iran and Russia support Assad. All of it so that a civil war that should’ve ended in weeks could last 5 years with no real end in sight. And while both Iraq and Syria are going through a massive depopulation, the vast riches under these two countries await the eventual arrival of the inventors of god and worshipers of the golden calf – who will no doubt show up with a business card and a business address, at first.

      • Scott Preston says :

        The Jews did not invent “the golden calf”. The golden calf was Taurus, also called “Moloch”, and it was the prevailing god of the entire mediterranean region and Mesopotamia before Abraham.

        The Anthropos of the Anthropocene is not the shape of the Nazi’s “Eternal Jew”, which is what that abstract image really amounts to, all Jews being considered mere cells in the body of the Eternal Jew as Anthropos. Your narrative comes dangerously close to repeating this nonsense. For the Nazis engineered this mythology of the “Eternal Jew” only in order to deflect attention from their own claims to exceptionalism — as the Master Race.

        So I think you’re doing a dog paddle in the shallow end of a very much bigger pool.

        There’s a tradition, rooted in Scripture, that all sins are forgiven except the “sin against the Holy Spirit”, which shall not be forgiven, but leads to perdition. For millenia Christians have struggled to understand what this “sin against the Holy Spirit” is — the violation of the Holy Spirit. It’s never been hard to identify, though. It’s the sin of self-righteousness. The sin of self-righteousness (a sense of “exceptionalism” which is but “psychic inflation” as we call it today) is the sin against the Holy Spirit, and in every case where exceptionalism has become the norm, it has brought down self-destruction upon those who practice it. That’s the meaning of the Book of Job. Job is the proto-type for the sin of self-righteousness.

        Job, Jewish exceptionalism, German exceptionalism, these things sometimes called “the sin of pride” (although it means “exceptionalism”) are rooted in the expansion of the ego-sphere at the expense of “the Holy Spirit”. Self-righteousness, in whatever form it takes, is the satanic element, as it claims to be higher than “the Holy Spirit”, for as it is said, “Satan is but the ape of God”. But Satan is the ego-nature, the identity, which is the separative nature with it’s sense of “apartness” from the whole. The sin of self-righteousness is the same as McGilchrist’s “Emissary” usurping the role of “the Master”, where the old saying that “Satan is the ape of God” attains its real meaning.

        All claims to exceptionalism (or self-righteousness), in whatever form, are instances of psychic inflation, and psychic inflation leads, finally, to psychic dissolution and dispersal by blowback. It brings about self-destruction at the extremity. Nietzsche experienced that himself — his sense of exceptionalism, his own psychic inflation, ended in the madhouse.

        The Holy Spirit is what Blake calls the “Universal Humanity”, and its not the private possession of any group or individual. Zionism is a claim to exceptionalism, but the Zionists aren’t the only one’s to indulge in this sense of self-righteousness. “Pride goeth before a fall” has been quite misunderstood. It’s not “pride” but self-righteousness and exceptionalism as matters of psychic inflation (expansion of the ego-sphere) that is the issue. And that is the issue also in Jesus’ refusal to be called “good”: “why do you call me good? There is none good by thy Father in Heaven”.

        • LittleBigMan says :

          Well put. I can assure you there is not even a shred of exceptionalism in my being.

          I’m no longer self-righteous either.

          However, talking about exceptionalism, I’m sure you recall when Netanyahu came to Washington D.C., gave a speech in the U.S. Congress in 2015, and didn’t even bother to go pay his respects to Obama right across the street. I mean, who does that? Which president has ever done that? In this case, to go to a country which has practically reared the state of Israel into being, and not even bother to go visit its president? Could it be that he was making a statement about who has the power?

          But, I don’t believe Netanyahu committed a sin 🙂

          Now, the “Moloch” of the ancient world is a perfect example of an icon/idol BEHIND WHICH this ancient Jewish mafia would have operated in the ancient times – and as it turns out with their creation of a gold copy of it – they did.

          This mafia hides behind an idol, a religion, a bank, a devout cleric, a king or a president, a dictator, a successful law firm like Mossac-Fonseca, or something revered or holy within a culture, and uses it to manipulate things for his own sake.

          I’m not familiar with the history of Nazism to a great extent, but after reading about 60 pages of Mein Kampf, I lost interest and I too thought whatever was written beyond the first 50 – 60 pages didn’t make any sense.

          Hitler did see “a Jew behind every vice”, but his observations failed at two things: 1. He did not realize that what he was looking at was a Jewish mafia, and so he ascribed those unsavory qualities he saw in the members of that mafia to all Jews; 2. The “Final Solution” was no solution at all. I think at this point in Man’s history we all know that committing genocide is really not the solution to anything.

          I think the fundamental solution to eliminating anyone who is operating from the shadows and who is hiding behind any vice is to cast light on that someone and on that vice. More than anything, this requires access to information. The Panama Papers are a step in the right direction, but the real dragon hides in the Middle East.

          If I may add one more thing. No matter how many governments cry wolf about Panama Papers, rest assured no private company could pull something like this off in these 50 or 60 countries without the involvement of the governments of all these countries. So, it’s all a show when we see governments denounce the company’s practices. They are all in on it; methinks.

          • Scott Preston says :

            Odd. Woke up this morning to find that, for the first time, Israel was the leading country source for hits on The Chrysalis. Don’t suppose it could have something to do with your comments perhaps? Can’t for the life of me guess why suddenly someone in Israel is interested in The Chrysalis.

            • LittleBigMan says :

              I’m happy to help increase the number of clicks on the Chrysalis in any shape or form! 🙂

            • abdulmonem says :

              What does that mean but that the Jewish eyes are open everywhere, watching every voice speaking about Israel.

  3. Scott Preston says :

    Frida Ghitis at CNN on why the Panama Papers are a “very big deal”. My sentiments exactly,

  4. Scott Preston says :

    Just to relate this to Gebser, it’s a reflection of what he calls “the increase in technological feasibility inversely proportionate to man’s sense of responsibility”. Communications technology has largely exceeded the capacity of governments to administer or legislate. The regulatory process is always years behind the developments in technology. And it is technology that has increased the potency of “dark money”. Money has been emancipated from regulatory restraint.

    • Steve Lavendusky says :

      “Satan, on the contrary, is thin, ascetic and a fanatical devotee of logic. He reads Machiavelli, Ignatius of Loyola, Marx and Hegel; he is cold and unmerciful to mankind, out of a kind of mathematical mercifulness. He is damned always to do that which is most repugnant to him: to become a slaughterer, in order to abolish slaughtering, to sacrifice lambs so that no more lambs may be slaughtered, to whip people with knouts so that they may learn not to let themselves be whipped, to strip himself of every scruple in the name of a higher scrupulousness, and to challenge the hatred of mankind because of his love for it–an abstract and geometric love.”
      ― Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

      • Scott Preston says :

        You certainly have a knack for coming up with the most appropriate quotes. I’ve marvelled at that from time to time. I’ve not read Darkness at Noon, but I’ve heard so much about it that I should, I suppose. My knowledge of Koestler is pretty limited.

  5. Scott Preston says :

    The “offshore money” scandal actually couldn’t have come at a better time. On the same day, the London School of Economics posts a prospectus for the global economy in the face of climate change., Without a transition, they’re forecasting a 2.5 trillion hit to the global economy, and a worst-case scenario of 24 trillion loss

    “Climate change will blow a $2.5 tn hole in global financial assets, study warns”.

    No better time then for a political, financial, and social revolution (unless it was a decade ago). And the longer we delay, the more catastrophic it is going to get.

  6. Scott Preston says :

    The practice of ritual human sacrifice strongly correlates with high inequality and hierarchical societies, also reported in the press today

    The Hunger Games series being something of a reflection of this, too — human sacrifice as a means of social control.

  7. abdulmonem says :

    It is fatalistic to let ourselves be pulled into the swirl of the fear,the terror and the corruption of our world. There is strong link between faith and security as was described in the story of Abraham. When faith in the good falters, insecurity reins. Let us be assured that we are under the watchful eye of a divine surveillance, also we are the tools to execute the divine cosmic blueprint. The sons of Israel, according to the blueprint, are decreed to corrupt in the earth twice and we have been living under this second outburst of their corruption, of course, to do that they have being given the resources to execute that, the zionist protestant provided them with support and the cover, to make them rule over the three major sectors that of money, the media and education. I agree with LBM, inorder to make them able to accomplish that they need to infiltrate all major governments and groups. The Christians think that they are ruling the world but in actuality they are working according to the zionist ethos. We need not loose sight in time of fear and corruption, forgetting there is a god who is the source or everything and whose bounty, revelations and grace are open to all, thus avoiding saying that Islam or christ for example are a fabrication of the Jews. What is being revealed is indicative of the truthfulness of the perverted Jewish corruption decreed story. Of course if we want to be believer we need to understand that god logic is different from the human logic and avoid repeating the mistake of Einstein that god does not play dice. The speed with which the corruption is revealed is astonishing and at the same time is indicative of the urgent call for humanity and specially for those who are blindly supporting Israel to wake up before the deluge and to play a just and truthful role in the world.

  8. Scott Preston says :

    The Ottawa Citizen: “Papers show why austerity measures are a lie”.

    Now, just need to get people to understand that neo-liberalism has been a gigantic rip-off of the commonwealth, and that their indebtedness (both public and private) is connected with this enrichment of the global elite, and next to nothing to do with “merit”, unless cunning and conniving is considered meritorious.

    • LittleBigMan says :

      Neo-liberalism, a gigantic rip-off, eh?

      Have I got a surprise for you. Here’s a photo of Hossein Khomeini (the grandson of Khomeini) who seems to have the attention of Michael Ledeen at a gathering at the American Enterprise Institute. Just look at Ledeen’s manner of seating. I’ve never seen him in so humble of a posture 🙂

      Now, in his early 20s, the grandpa Khomeini used to sign his name “Hindi”; a tradition he tried to glorify in the new flag of Iran by stamping it with the Hindu symbol: Khanda–PITfdvQNw=&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz6Kj44fjLAhXjsIMKHagnCSEQ9QEIITAA

      Grandpa Khomeini’s Airfrance commercial flight from Paris to Iran was escorted by Israeli jets when it entered the Iranian airspace to ensure his safe and sound landing. This is after the previous servant of Israel, the Shah, left the country in utter cowardice and incompetence.

      Grandpa Khomeini’s first mission as the servant of the government of Israel was to start the war with Iraq, and he accomplished it only months after he arrived in Iran; a war that would decimate both countries for decades to come. This was such a huge service to the state of Israel that, even today, his silly grandson is received humbly by Michael Ledeen.

      • Scott Preston says :

        You forgot to mention that Hossein Khomeini was opposed to the clerical regime in Iran — violently opposed to it, and made common cause in that respect with the neo-conservatives in Washington. He wanted the US to invade Iran and overthrow the clerics. Hence, his association with Ledeen and the American Enterprise institute. (It seems he was considered something of a buffoon).

        Secondly, the Iran-Contra Affair proved pretty decisively that Israel was acting as a proxy for the United States in both playing the two sides in the Iran-Iraq War off each other, so you’re narrative begins to fall a little flat at that point. Israel agreed to provide arms to Iran (lots of arms) not only from its own commercial interests, but also with the promise that the US (the Reagan administration) would re-supply Israel with the arms it funneled to the Iranian regime, while much of the money made from the transaction flowed to the Nicaraguan contras.. Israel’s interests would further be served in weakening Iraq, as was Iran’s interest. Straight geo-politics — the interests of the United States, Israel, and Iran happened to coincide. They collaborated, and Israel was only too happy to act as a proxy.

        I find no credible historical reference at all to any Israeli jet escort provided to Khomeini’s plane. You;ll have to provide some link to that.

        • LittleBigMan says :

          Your questions, whether the ones that you move to answer or the ones you pose to others, are never easy to answer 🙂

          But I’ll give this one a try…….

          You’ll notice in the following Wiki page a little obscure name: Morteza Pasandideh. He was the elder brother of grandpa Khomeini:

          Morteza Pasandideh and his brother Khomeini fell out of favor with each other in their later years over a share of the pie and as a result Morteza wrote a very revealing memoir and history of the family, especially that of his younger brother (grandpa Khomeini), in which he revealed many things about their family (that their mother was a beautiful Indian woman who prostituted herself to British officers in order to help her husband to make ends meet; her husband was aware of this) and his younger brother, including that his younger brother, Khomeini, was a coldblooded murderer and, actually, many other more interesting things (Including their move to Persia so their father can work at the Imperial Bank of Persia – a position he acquired through very dubious means and perhaps with the help of his wife who prostituted herself to British officers). A PDF of the original book is here, but I doubt it if a translation of it exists:

          Bare with me, please, because I have a point……

          Grandpa Khomeini had a son named Ahmad Khomeini. You can read about the circumstances surrounding his death, here:

          Now, what you read about the circumstances surrounding his death is utter lies. He was murdered not because he was criticizing the lead thieves and murderers in the regime, but because he was seeing how various regime assets were becoming billionaires but no dough was flowing in his direction, even as it was his father who had opened the gates for the great plunder. So, like his uncle, Morteza Pasandideh, he wanted the regime for his fair share of the pie or else he threatened to reveal to the public all the secret dealings of the regime. Basically, he threatened to spill the beans on the regime. He knew too much and he was murdered.

          That whole family is pissed because they never received their “fair share” of the pie. Even Khamenei and his son have amassed close to or over $100 billion dollars.

          That entire family has an axe to grind with this regime of thieves and murderers (which are an installment of the Jewish mafia in Iran) because they believe they never got their fair share of the almost incalculable wealth in that country.

          I have no doubt Ledeen is familiar with that history and that any difference between Hossein Khomeini and the elements in the regime in Iran is not philosophical or rooted in differences in the hearts and minds of the two sides. But Ledeen knows that these are the same Hyenas fighting over their share of the carcass.

          And Ledeen too receives his marching orders from the global Jewish Mafia (whose mailing address is the state of Israel) – the same place where the regime in Iran gets its marching orders. Hossein khomeini is a buffoon because he is running from this family member to that family member screaming “Give me! Give me! Give me! Give me!…….”

          Yes, my dear Longsword, evil is much more integrated than good.

          Your second point is based on published information. But that’s only 5% – 10% of the real story. Without making this reply several pages long, please let me just suffice by responding to that excerpt from your comment that states:

          “……..the interests of the United States, Israel, and Iran happened to coincide.”

          The only thing that happened that has been in the interest of Iran for the past nearly 1400 years was the presence of the United States in that country. And that happy union came to an end with the Mossad-engineered take over of the American embassy and the subsequent hostage crisis in Tehran. Unfortunately, the American officials never knew who struck them from the shadows.

          “I find no credible historical reference at all to any Israeli jet escort provided to Khomeini’s plane. You;ll have to provide some link to that.”

          I wouldn’t doubt that. To the best of my knowledge no one has published anything about that, and my information comes from a person (not a published source).

          By the way, thank you for updating this thread on Panama Papers with great information. I intend to delve into these more but haven’t had the chance yet.

          • LittleBigMan says :

            Sorry, I meant to say “Bear with me, please…..” not “Bare with me, please…….” 🙂

            You can tell that I was tired when I was typing that response. Monday was a long day here.

            • LittleBigMan says :

              I mean Tuesday was a long day here……not Monday…… You see? 🙂

              O.K. time to shower and go to bed.

          • Scott Preston says :

            I wouldn’t doubt that. To the best of my knowledge no one has published anything about that, and my information comes from a person (not a published source).

            I see, basically amounts to a pretzel logic: there’s a secret international jewish conspiracy, but I can’t provide real evidence of the secret because otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret international jewish conspiracy any more. That’s the same self-referentially and tautology that McGilchrist associates with left-brain thinking.

            Yes, my dear Longsword, evil is much more integrated than good.

            Nothing to do with integrality, and this statement is a fine example of the fact that most people’s thinking isn’t even rooted in the intellect, but in the magical and mythical components of the psychic whole, which by their very nature are impervious to rational correction, being, on the one hand, “pre-rational” and on the other “irrational”.

            Conspiracy theorists always need to put a face to what is principally a systemic and structural crisis — alien lizard people, jews, muslims, or whoever. They need to feel that there is a singular malevolent, menacing will and intent behind the multiple crises of the day. This personification of a systemic crisis (such as the Nazi’s “Eternal Jew” as this singular malicious will and the root of all evil) leads to the magical belief that it can be exorcised through instruments like Inquisition or genocide, and both are symptoms of a consciousness structure functioning in “deficient mode”, and attempting to hold itself together by invoking the deficient forms of the magical and mythical as compensation. Your characterisation of events in terms of “good” and “evil” is quite symptomatic of dualist disintegration.

            Nothing wrong with myth and magic, which are the basis of all arts — painting, literature, poetry, even scientific insight relies on them — unless they are not integrated with consciousness (an in our case, that’s the mental-rational structure or “perspectivist” structure). They become deficient precisely for becoming unconscious and impulsive. The real value of art is, in this sense, making the magical and mythical components of the psychic whole transparent.

            There is no such thing as “integral evil” — its a contradiction in terms. I’m not surprised, though. Iran was the birthplace of Mani and Zarathustra/Zoroaster (from whence comes “Manichaeism”, a dualistic religion). So, I would say that it’s the Persians who have a lot more to answer for than the Jews — a fact even recognised by Nietzsche, who has his “Zarathustra” return in order to correct his own error in dividing being against itself.

            Metaphysical dualism seems to have been a Persian invention — in the persons of Zarathustra and Manes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the descendants of Zarathustra and Manes still carry this infection around with them.

            • LittleBigMan says :

              LOL, no, it just means that nothing has been published about it, yet. It takes time. That’s all.

              For example, the information you wrote in the paragraph that you began with “Secondly” was known to me within days of it happening on the ground, because a person told me about it. But it took years before someone actually wrote about it.

              Morteza Pasandideh’s book was published nearly 80 years after the events that he was talking about actually took place. Had his elder brother not published his memoirs, no one would’ve known about the true Khomeini.

              I had breakfast this morning and no one has published anything about it. Yet, I had breakfast this morning.

              You’re not exactly dealing with a part of the world where what happens gets published by the press the next day.

              I have to take off now, but I will address more of your post when I get back late this afternoon/evening.

            • LittleBigMan says :

              All right, I’m back! 🙂

              First of all, let me just say that I understand completely where you are coming from. I have been following your work for long enough to know that your work is based on the highest standard for intellectual integrity, and that’s one of many things I have always admired about your work. And you expect that others present and discuss information based on the same standards.

              But It’s just the nature of that part of the world (the 4th world, really) that life has become very corrupted and one knows what one hears from those that are or have been close to the situation (e.g. Vanunu). In fact, there are published accounts that are utter fabrications and distortions, and the grandma or the grandpa resident of the such and such city can tell you more about the facts of the situation than any investigative journalist or author with an agenda and an impure heart.

              Just a quick example even in America…….

              Sometime ago, an acquaintance of mine published an article in a well known magazine. The article was about the Middle East. First of all, the article was not very substantive which surprised me as to how it had been accepted for publication. Secondly, it had two major flaws: 1) It had a catchy title but the title didn’t fit most of the content, and 2) the content had false statements in it.

              So, I called her up and I said “Come on! What the F**** are you doing? What is this?” She said “The editor wouldn’t publish it unless we agreed to change the title to that.” 🙂

              You see? And she is one of those who presents her research at some of the Ivy league schools in America and……are you ready for it?…….in Canada, as well.

              Of course, none of this proves my statement about Israeli fighter Jets escorting Khomeini’s plane into Iranian airspace to ensure its safe landing. Nevertheless, there are other events (also not published yet) which took place right around that time that tell me the person from whom I heard this was the telling the truth.

              Now, when I said “evil is much more integrated than good” I was thinking that Evil is far more capable of forming “a successful we” than Good. I don’t mean that there are more individuals with malice in them than good intentions, but that the ones that have a habit of conspiring against the legitimate interests of masses link up together easier and with greater force than the rest. As far as I can tell, evil doers have a knack for establishing a network. Not only that, they have a farsighted vision for what role the network should play generations down the line. The effects of one such network are just being uncovered in the Middle East now.

              Regarding Zarathustra……….

              I am sure you are well familiar with how native peoples of North America named their children: “Crazy Horse, Sight of Day, Little One, Wildcat, Restless One, He Laughs, etc. etc.”

              By the way, “He Laughs” would have been the translation of the nickname I had for more than two decades. 🙂

              Now, Zarathustra was one such name. It had nothing to do with “Manichaeism”. So, what does Zarathustra mean?

              To answer that question, I’ll have to correct “Zarathustra” because that’s not how the real original name is pronounced or spelled.

              The real name was originally “Zartosht” also known and spoken as “Zardosht”.

              “Zar” = gold or jewel

              “to” = in you

              “sht” or “dosht”= is

              So, the correct name translates to: “The gold is in you”.

              So, “Zartosh” was not the man’s real name, but it was a nickname given to the man, because that seems to be what he preached:

              Zartosht = “The gold is in you”.

              I’m not familiar with Nietzsche’s knowledge of Zartosht, however. So, I cannot say whether he knew what Zarathustra means.

              Regarding Manichaeism………….

              I’m familiar with what Manichaeism means, but I’m not familiar with the historical Mani. I completely agree with the view that Manichaeism as a worldview is ludicrous. Manichaeism is not and cannot be the whole picture, but it is part of the whole picture; that is, it is a legitimate color spectrum within the vast color palette of the human psyche.

              For example, some of my thoughts, as I generate them, are that ‘misrepresenting oneself is not good’; ‘creativity is good’; ‘harming others is not good’; ‘eating organic unprocessed food is good’. Do you see where I’m going with this? Those are the actual thoughts I have and generate. So, at some level, my thoughts do operate on the basis of what’s good and what’s bad.

              But of course, that’s not how I think about the “relations” between things. Mysteriously, it is possible (and this has happened to me personally) that something I consider “bad” happens, but that event leads to something very very “good”.

  9. Scott Preston says :

    I mad the rather bold claim, above, that Free Trade deals did little more than facilitate the global kleptocracy. After the publication of the Panama Papers, there was renewed interest, then, in the US Free Trade deal with Panama, and renewed interest in an April 2011 article published about that in Truth-Out. It’s fairly lengthy, but illustrates, I think, the role Free Trade (neo-liberalism) has had in abetting “the web of corruption” and dark money revealed in the Panama Papers too.

  10. abdulmonem says :

    It is unfortunate that there are so much to read but so little certainty of the authenticity of what we are reading. The human is left to himself to use his discretion to avoid being misled. We are living in a misleading and misguiding world.One can smell the odour of this unhealthy atmosphere through the phrases coined to address any sick event. The global thievery (kleptocracy) for example is a misleading name it covers the real perpetrator and does give the reader no clue, as to who to indict and thus the real criminal runs loose. This also can not be applied to all bankers and to all corporations because some of them are behind the robbery.. This type of language encouraged the criminal to work freely. What we need a more personalized identification to single out the real thief. Not all Jews are thieves, nor all leading Iranians are Jews, and not all Moslem are honest. God taught the human not to judge and not to bear witness unless you are 100% sure and to avoid indulging in futile conversations Evidence is a must in settlement but even evidence is not free from falsification and that is why all prophets said to their opponents that god will settle our differences and who of us are right. The question of the Jews is old and chronic and the jews are themselves differ as to their history and their ethos but history also tell us as to their love for life and money and their inclination to live aloof and the walls they are building around themselves is indicative of their refusal to coexist with others, but even this can be encountered by seeing some Jews live with others. It is time not to throw stones blindly and kill other with drones blindly.

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