Social Enterprise: A Statement

The domineering kind of predatory and vulture capitalism that still prevails in neo-liberal globalisation, and which we call today “the corporatocracy”, must be put to an end. It can only come to an end when the corporation willingly subordinates itself to the ideal of an Earth Community and a Universal Humanity, and not as a self-justification for the primacy of the irreponsible self-interest. “Social Business Enterprise” (SBE) or “Social Enterprise” are two models of a healthier and more responsive and responsible form of the corporation in which the corporate form truly serves, and subordinates itself to the higher and nobler ideals of Earth Community and Universal Humanity.

Taming the corporate dragon, which it presently is, means foregoing the social philosophy of competitive egoism and the fake “virtue of selfishness” that drives the culture of narcissism. Any real change in the fundamental social philosophy that underlies acquisitive or possessive individualism as the norm of social conduct (consumerism) requires a new orientation of consciousness — a metanoia. That new orientation of consciousness is evident in the new models of Social Business Enterprise or Social Enterprise or Open Source, which are truer more authentic collaborative and sustainable ideals and models of socio-economic activity.

The “private enterprise” — the enterprise of the self-interest and acquisitive individualism — was formerly treated as synonymous with the “free enterprise”. That is a phoney issue and a deliberate obfuscation. It is no such thing. Anyone who thinks that this “private enterprise” has truly expanded the realm of human spiritual freedom to any significant extent (freedom for the “animal spirits” exempted) is deluded. It has made people slaves of their own appetitive natures.

Social Enterprise differs in not being a giant Ego. It’s very name recognises its social obligations and its self-understanding as embedded in a community or a world community, and not as if it were a giant Ego with pretenses to being a god — an “immortal person”. The Social Enterprise is the model of future.

Of course, every vulture and predatory corporation is going to try to “position” itself now as a “Social Enterprise”, and that’s much the meaning of so-called “spiritual marketing” or “marketing 3.0”. It will probably successfully deceive many. How to recognise whether it’s authentic or not? Well… the old rule of thumb: “by their fruits shall you know them,” and certainly not from their public relations or advertising or deftness in the black arts of “perception management”.



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