The Trinity

To the mind, light. To the heart, warmth. To the will, strength. So says the Bulgarian Christian mystic Peter Deunov. In this formula, thinking, feeling, and willing are covered as aspects of the human form.

But with this formula also the bias that is fairly typical of the merely religious, and especially of Christian mysticism, is revealed, for what is missing is the sensuous, and therewith beauty. And so, to this trinity we might add a fourth: to the senses, beauty.

Only then is the human form complete, and perfected in truth, in love, in strength, and in beauty.

Monomania, in which one direction is pursued to the exclusion of the others, is deformation. The True, the Good, the Beautiful are not separate things. They are aspects or facets of one thing which is still hid to man’s clear perception and comprehension, but which is called by Gebser “diaphanon“.

The head Sublime, the heart Pathos, the genitals Beauty, the hands and feet Proportion.” –( Blake, The Proverbs of Hell).



3 responses to “The Trinity”

  1. Dwig says :

    Concise and, err, beautiful. I also appreciate that you relate the “walk in beauty” posts to this one.

  2. Steve Lavendusky says :

    Swedenborg had a positive attitude towards the pleasures of life that was much different than early life-denying versions of Christianity. “It is by no means forbidden any one to enjoy the pleasures of the body and of sensual things;. . . for these are outermost or corporeal affections from interior affections. The interior affections, which are living, all derive their delight from good and truth; and good and truth derive their delight from charity and faith, and then from the Lord, thus from life itself; and therefore the affections and pleasures which are from thence are alive.” (AC 995)

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