The Influence of “Dark Money”

You have to wonder about people who sing hymns to liberty, truth, justice, and the American Way even as they conspire in the dark to undermine and subvert it all. This is by no means exclusive to America either. But Citizens United certainly seemed to turn the United States into a kind of petri dish for observing how the fungus of Dark Money spreads and colonises the culture, even into the judiciary.

Today’s Guardian, which always seems to be on top of things before anyone else, has what appears to be an exclusive, based on leaked documents, of a particular egregious instance of the influence of Dark Money in the US political and judicial process.

Leaked documents reveal secretive influence of corporate cash on politics” is a sort of summary on a much lengthier article “Because Scott Walker asked“. Coming only a couple of days after Bill Moyer’s piece in The Nation on money and power in politics, it is certainly illustrative. If anything, these show how the “corporatocracy” works, because essentially, “dark money” and “corporatocracy” are equivalent. Yet, the Panama Papers at least reveal that the tentacles of Dark Money are pretty much everywhere.

And wouldntyaknowit, The Donald’s name pops up in this network of Dark Money, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Clinton Foundation did too.

And as usual, the Koch Bros appear in the network of Dark Money, rather central to it in fact. And that’s not just an American issue, since the Koch’s are also big players in the Tarsands in Alberta. So, we here are also implicated in that broader network of Dark Money.

Yet so many people seem to support this state of affairs, and would rather kiss the Devil’s heinie, even in the name of God and Jesus and “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”, rather than look too deeply into the flow of Dark Money or the machinery of the corporatocracy. The darkness that is Dark Money begins to swallow and absorb everything, including the mind apparently, so I’m not surprised that so many anticipate a new Dark Age, or believe that we are already in one.

Nasty bit of business, really. Dark Money is, in broader terms, the underbelly of globalisation.



One response to “The Influence of “Dark Money””

  1. Scott Preston says :

    There’s another article that appeared today in Maclean’s Magazine on “Dark Money”

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