Maya, Matrix, and Matter

Apparently, a growing number of physicists are of the conviction that “our world is a simulation“.  Nothing really new there, is there? It’s the meaning of Maya, or “Cloud of Unknowing”, which is ancient knowledge now being apparently “uploaded”, if we want to use that term, into the matrix of the mental-rational consciousness, where it appears now as “simulation”.  This also belongs to the return of ancient knowledge, but I see no reason for it to be massaged into a technical idiom.

There is also a problem with the term “simulation”, as it implies that what we call “world” or “reality” is only a similitude of a world or of reality. But that implies that one already knows what the authentically real is.

Maya, Matrix, and Matter are all related words, just as Reason and Reality are related words that emerge and branch off from the same root, much like the serpent’s tongue. Reason and reality were co-evolutionary as much as, today, we speak of consciousness and cosmos as being reciprocal or co-evolutionary, or as dialogical, as in Ilya Prigogine’s “New Dialogue with Nature”.

The “simulation” was already known to William Blake. He called it “Ulro” or a “Cloud”, the fallen world, in which the things of this world are simply similitudes of their Eternal Forms, otherwise known as “the archetypes”. The body itself is a similitude of the soul. The body is a “cloud” which disguises the eternal form which it manifests, physically, in time and space.

Dr. Terrile, from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, thinks the simulation is being constructed by our “future selves” and we are living in their simulation — the matrix of matter. We are, in a sense, the dreamings of our “future selves” and so in that sense it affirms that “you create the reality you know”.

Well, you could put it that way, I suppose, if only in the sense that Gebser’s “Diaphainon” and “integral consciousness” is a “future self”. Otherwise, it’s quite nonsense to speak of a “future self” here sort of engineering a past world in which we live, move, and have our being as if it were a real world. If there is such a “future self” it is only in the form of soul’s awakening to the fact that consciousness creates form, and not vice versa, through the “magic” of intentionality, and not according to a computer programme.

In those terms, this “future self” exists as “future self” only in the sense that it is what we are destined to become, because it is implicitly and latently what we are already. It is already what is referred to as “Oversoul“.

The “simulation” is Lila, a word which, apparently, has a suggestive double meaning as both “play” and “night”, and in that sense also has some meaningful connection with the “Ulro”. That is to say, when the Ulro is transparent, it is Lila as “play”. When the Ulro is not transparent, or translucent, it is Lila as “night”. These are issues of perception and of cleansing “the doors of perception”.

Dr. Terrile’s metaphor — for that is what it is, and it isn’t “real” itself — of a world as computer-generated simulation may be appropriate to a technical mentality, but it is just a metaphor for what is already ancient knowledge. Reality is indeed “information”, if you want to put it that way, although its better to call it “symbolic form” or “dialogue” rather than “algorithm” in which consciousness and cosmos are in a continuous conversation.

Information is energy. Energy is information. It does indeed flow in both directions, from consciousness to cosmos, and from cosmos to consciousness. If flows as well from past to future, and from future to past, in our terms. You can call it “simulation” only in the sense that these flows of energy assume perceptible symbolic forms or patterns or Gestalts, which, when such are perceived transparently as symbolic forms, are “dharma” or “Lila“, but when not transparent, but opaque to perception and insight, are Maya. Otherwise called the “Ulro”.


26 responses to “Maya, Matrix, and Matter”

  1. donsalmon says :

    I always thought there was something creepy about the idea of a “simulation.” It certainly fits the bill as a deficient mental form of maya.

    Though I have to confess – at times it has been a helpful metaphor. Jan and I put up a video some years ago using Kianu Reeves in The Matrix as a hint that what we see is not all there is: (or better – the WAY we see it may be somewhat askew):

    • Scott Preston says :

      I have no sound at the computer I’m presently at, so I’ll have to wait until I get home to listen to your video.

      Just want to point out, though, that their is a connection between the words “Maya” and “Magic”, which does bear on the issue of “technocratic shamanism”, the archetypal form of which is the necromancer Klingsor in the Grail Legend, the contemporary form of which is the “Brandmeister”.

  2. abdulmonem says :

    It is the old call to know thyself,turning the attention from the external to the internal after all the external is nothing but what we made of it, The objective consciousness can not be understood without our subjective consciousness that is why humanity has been created, that is why there are so many stories and interpretations as there are humans., that is the beautiful essence of the journey to show god how we have done. I agree with Scott the process of rephrasing does not help much but what one can do with the human nature that is built on innovation and often time on self-deception. For me god is a present force in my life , it represents my point of reference, my point of commencement and my point of return, it can not be otherwise since he has given me, life and consciousness to navigate in this endless world of divine thoughts, the thoughts that float among us to help us communicate with creations, the thoughts that often time we do not know how they visit us and how they depart , likes clouds that come to benefit the earth and depart. May god shows us the way to him , Jung called upon his soul to be present to help him in his return, no wonder Freud hated him. Thank you Don for the video and thank Scott for his provocative thoughts.

    • donsalmon says :

      Abdulmonem: your comment ” that is why humanity has been created, that is why there are so many stories and interpretations as there are humans., that is the beautiful essence of the journey to show god how we have done.”

      reminds me of the saying – I think from the Koran? – “I was a hidden treasure and longed to be known.”

  3. Scott Preston says :

    The ideals of the American Republic, more or less captured in the slogan “truth, justice, and the American Way”, are taking a shit-kicking right now, aren’t they? Same with “liberty, equality, and fraternity” in France — also taking a shit-kicking, being turned topsy-turvey. I imagine people raised with these ideals are presently feeling cheated, or disoriented, or confused, and perhaps very disgruntled and disillusioned to see how easily and readily they are being denied and even thrown overboard or “under the bus”, as they say.

    Peculiar expression that — thrown under the bus.

    I suppose that’s what it means to say “the gloves come off”, which is as much as to say that the ideals were never strong enough to withstand a serious challenge. It would be most interesting to try and identify that turning point, when these ideals were no longer taken seriously, or were perceived even as being obstacles and hindrances to something else. I can’t think of any particular episode in recent history where we could say that the tide turned against them, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere, somewhen.

    • abdulmonem says :

      Any ideals away from the creator of ideals are liable to be thrown under the bus as you have well illustrated. This is the cry of Neitszche.

  4. abdulmonem says :

    Yes Don, the verse in the koran reads and I have not created the jinns and the humans only to know , the never-ending search,save for the mindless imitators who are lazy to make their path. God dislikes the imitators that is why we find his creations are built on never stopping renewal, Every minute something new that is why we have days and night in a constant process of renewal. This day is not the day past. It is really healthy to communicate, to accomplish the purpose of the ceremony of our existence.

  5. Scott Preston says :

    Not much to do with today’s post, but I thought I would mention it anyway. For those of you planning possibly to flee the United States of Trump for asylum in Canada, you’re going to run into “Ford Nation” here anyway (that demographic around Toronto’s late, notorious mayor Rob Ford). “Fort Nation” here in Canada and the Trumpistas are the same demographic, so you’ll be running right smack dab into it again.

    No where to run. No where to hide. Might as well take it on.

    • abdulmonem says :

      There is the unseen supreme force to run to that provides the refuge and the safe abode against the empty people who are deprived of understanding of the divine grace that provided humanity with all the abundant gifts that surround us only to remind the like of this miser of empathy that god who feeds and he who provides the shelter.There is no animal searching for shelter and food or searching for pension or insurance. It is only the stupidity of the human who has lost the beautiful part of himself.

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      Here is “where we make our stand”. ~ Carl Sagan

  6. abdulmonem says :

    I remembered the cat that comes to you sometime from the divine shelter and you were happy to host her.

  7. Steve Lavendusky says :

    “The literal is always abstract ‒ because reality is so much more than we can ever know or experience or imagine.”
    ― Tom Cheetham, Imaginal Love: The Meanings of Imagination in Henry Corbin and James Hillman

  8. Júlio (Ebrael) says :

    In an order of simple scales, what simulates (as a “Magna Simulatrix”, or a Matrix God-like Mind) also must be simulated at all. Who has created God? Moreover: who has created the God’s creator? And so on…

    “Vanity of Vanities. And ALL is Vanity.” Just a whirling wind!

    Soon, There couldn’t be such a thing like “eternal form”, but just an “unreasonable” problem of scales (it has to do w/ sense of limits tending to zero – the absolute quantity). The (physical and mental) horizons expand themselves as we reach some logical checkpoint (some guys call this Consciousness’ upgrade). There’s not actually any final points; soon, they don’t exist at all, nor here neither beyond.

    I suggest the reading of this article (in pt_BR):

    Also this humble podcast (in pt_BR, please, turn on English captions):

    • Scott Preston says :

      I tried following the YouTube video using the realtime English translator, but I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the translation. I’ll try and use a translator for the documment Manifesto Divergente to see if that works better.

      Just to point out though, the whirling winds have their own intelligible logic and energetic configuration, even if we don’t exactly perceive it or think it’s chaotic.

      “Vanity of vanity, all is vanity” must be understood in its original sense, too. “Vanus” means “empty”, which leads us right into Buddhist doctrine of No-Self, ie, “everything is empty. Nothing has self-nature”, or “the empty mirror”. But this Big Empty is the same as Blake’s “Infinite in all things”.

    • Scott Preston says :

      I did manage to translate much of the Divergent Manifesto. It’s quite imaginative, have to say. But it is a technocratic myth, part of the “return of the repressed” that gets massaged into the “matrix” of the mental-rational consciousness, and becomes confused with it.

      It actually re-introduces the most deficient aspects of the mythical, too, in the sense that if man was a mere plaything of the gods in antiquity, in the “simulation” he becomes the plaything of a computer or artificial intelligence that generates the simulation, or for that matter “future selves” who now assume the ancient role of the gods. Thus do people get carried away by their metaphors into superstitions.

      If reality was, indeed, a computer simulation of a master or master programmers, then what follows? A priesthood of “technocratic shamans” who presume to read the entrails of the programming to interpret the will of the masters to the populace. It reminds me of Marx’s remark that history doth repeat itself, only the first time as tragedy, and the second time as farce.

      It’s not really necessary to have a new myth such as this. Ancient wisdom suffices.

      • Júlio (Ebrael) says :

        Ancient and current myths are not aparted, I guess. The logical problems presented and not solved by ancient wisdom shows us this wisdom doesn’t suffice. It’s not complete itself, but a confused joint of logical results, nothing else (confused and logical, side by side).

        I wouldn’t state History repeats itself… unless premises are identical. Consciousness is a process by which data flow from an instance of reality to another. In the meantime, the changes break through statuses and shift up or down the rules (premises).

        Soon, I will be able to expose this issues more efficiently. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  9. Charles Leiden says :

    A book by Philip Kuberski Chaosmos Literature, Science and Theory is fascinating and insightful. he suggests that maya is related to measurement and language.
    The Cartesian tradition, in its search for the indubitable, implicitly defined the true as what could reify the authority of the scientist: by a process of excluding the immeasurable or ungovernable , truth emerges as a kind of residue. Precise measurement was invaluable to this enterprise because it was able to substitute data or facts for knowledge or truth and produce the modern discourse of “information,” the product of technical enquiry. Etymologically related to measure and modern (from the Indo-European root med) is the Sanskrit maya, the veil of illusion, of plausible reality, a desire-constituted reality. Thus Bohm writes, “Whereas to Western society, as it derives from the Greeks, measure, with all that this word implies, is the very essence of reality, or at least the key to this essence, in the East measure has now come to be regarded as being in some way false and deceitful” (23). The modernist world-picture could be called the maya of measurement, the supreme fiction of scientific culture. Any significant movement beyond modernism would thus require a means of eluding the insistent fictions of measurement, the belief in the actuality of discrete “things,” and the alienation to which they lead.

    • Scott Preston says :

      You’ve convinced me. I’ve ordered it.

      • Charles Leiden says :

        Scott- hope you will find it worthwhile. I wondering if people are familiar with Edgar Morin. He is a transdisciplinary writer and thinker that might interest. Here is a link to his his work on Method The Nature of Nature.
        Here is a short passage.

        What is the idea of chaos? We have forgotten that-it was a genesic idea.
        We see in it no more than destruction and disorganization. But the idea of
        chaos is first of all an energic idea: it carries in its loins bubblings, flamings, turbulences. Chaos is an idea antedating distinction, separation, and opposition,an idea, therefore, of indistinction, of confusion between destructive power, between order and disorder, between disintegration and organization, between Hubris and Diu.
        And consequently, what appears to us is that cosmogenesis takes place in and through chaos. Is chaos that which is inseparable in the bi-faced phenomenon by which the Universe simultaneously disintegrates and
        self-organizes. disperses and poiynucleates…
        Chaos is disintegration as organizer. It is antagonistic unity of the
        explosion, the dispersion, the crumbling of the cosmos and of the nucleauons,
        its organizations, its orderings. The genesis of particles, atoms, stars takes place in and through agitations, turbulence, stirrings, dismemberments, collisions. explosions. The processes of order and organization have not cleared the way for themselves like a mouse through the holes of the cosmic gruyere; they have constituted themselves in and through chaos, that is to say the circling of the tetralogical loop:
        disorder I interactions
        1 organization
        In one of his densest aphorisms, Heraclitus made “the lower road” (let us
        translate: dispersive integration) and “the upper road” (let us

        • Scott Preston says :

          Thanks for the link. I didn’t know he had a book available online. He’s been on my reading list, because his name comes up fairly frequently in the comments. DavidM’s a fan of Morin.

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