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CETA Passes

As far as I’m concerned, Belgium’s Paul Magnette is an heroic figure. He has, almost single-handedly, tamed the rampaging bull of corporate globalisation and brought it to its knees, and has probably set a precedent for any future trade deals of this sort. If so, it effectively ends the era of neo-liberalism.

Today it was announced that a deal had been reached to overcome the impasse that prevented Belgium from concurring with the Comprehensive European Trade Agreement. A secondary Joint Interpretive Declaration was apparently leaked to the public that satisfied Mr. Magnette’s objections to CETA. And what’s in that Joint Interpretive Declaration is quite eye-popping, mainly for what it reveals about the initial and main text of the trade agreement, which really was “a bridge too far”.

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Interpreting the Anthropocene

It is Time. It is High Time. It is high time we interpreted the construction of the Anthropocene as the project of neo-liberal globalisation which is, in principle, the corporatisation of the Earth as the one World Economy — Earth Inc. — and this in the form of the universalisation of commerce and “the market mechanism” — of the Earth conceived as this single market mechanism itself, administered by the “Invisible Hand”. And it is also this Anthropocene that we know as anthropogenic “climate change”.  It’s all conjoined.

The Anthropocene is the corporate form of the Earth, being realised through globalisation, although this is not the first time in history that it has been conceived as such. Presently, even though it is largely a technocratic construct, being corporate led and driven process, it is also informed by the irrational, by the implicit mythical and magical, or “return of the repressed” — even as “technocratic shamanism”.

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Post-Truth Society and the Brain

Interesting study reported in The Guardian about how lying, snowballing, changes the brain. It seems, then, to become a form of biological self-harm in that sense as well.

Lots to reflect on there in terms of the “new normal” and “post-truth society”.