Trump in the White House

Some pundits are entertaining assumptions that Trump in Office will soften his views, or be constrained in the realisation of his agenda by the institutional checks and balances on the exercise of power.

I doubt that very much. They almost all said and wrote the same about another megalomaniac in his time — Adolf Hitler. And they were wrong and very much deluded about that then.

Having won to power through Mephistophelian wiles and ways, Trump will only be reinforced in his convictions and emboldened about the efficacy of those Mephistophelian wiles and ways, and his entourage — men like the “ratfucker” Roger Stone or Mr. Bannon — are unabashedly Mephistophelian. The Mephistophelian spirit is the necessary accompaniment to “the death of God”. Yet, whenever I think of the Mephistophelian, it brings to mind Goethe’s Mephistopheles in Faust, who describes himself as “part of that power that would ever evil do, but always does the good”.

In other words, there are constraints and limits upon the exercise of the Mephistophelian that transcend the moral codes or laws of men and is altogether referred to as “the karmic law of action and reaction” — the law of reversal also called “enantiodromia“, or the law of hubris and Nemesis; the law of ironic reversal. It is a law of energy, and you can see this law in action in the simplest of energetic patterns, the Strange Attractor,

Strange Attractor

The Strange Attractor may be considered the visual correlate to the karmic law and of enantiodromia — reversal at the extremity — and it applies just as much to the infernal energies of the Mephistophelian. That is also the pattern of Holling’s “Adaptive Cycle”, which is another Strange Attractor,

Holling's Adaptive Cycle

Holling’s Adaptive Cycle

This is the meaning of Mephistopheles statement in Faust. Mephistopheles, too, is subject to the karmic law (or the divine law, if you prefer) — the law of unintended consequence, revenge effect, or perverse outcome, or ironic reversal which both the Strange Attractor and Holling’s Adaptive Cycle exemplify — the limit of action and the limit of the reaction. And this was known in antiquity, even if it is largely forgotten today, and which informed ancient notions of the Golden Rule or Golden Mean as defences against hubris and consequential Nemesis — the rule of “nothing too much”. And it was also called “The Good Red Road”, or “The Middle Way”, or “Path With Heart”, or a dozen other names and informed the notions of the moderate, the measured, and the proportionate as well as understandings of justice. At the point where the energetic loopings or wings of the butterfly intersect is the “vital centre” of the structure. And both are visual depictions of what was known previously as “The Sacred Balance”.

Trump’s extravagant hubris, narcissism, and megalomania, which are only symptomatic of a far larger problem of the Age than Trump himself, will also meet with reversal and, like Mephistopheles in Faust, will be frustrated in the extremity of their ends, although undoubtedly a great deal of damage will be done in the process proportionate to the distantiation of the loop from the vital centre of the structure.

And it is also quite interesting to note that the Strange Attractor and Holling’s Adaptive Cycle both resemble the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity,



It’s not accidental. They are all three visual representations of the symmetry of the karmic law of action and reaction that preserves order in the cosmos and in human affairs, and which very probably accounts for the divine law — “justice is mine, saith the Lord”.



11 responses to “Trump in the White House”

  1. donsalmon says :

    So, reading between the lines, you’re pessimistic about him?

    • Scott Preston says :

      Pessimistic in the sense that Trump will probably do a great deal of damage. But optimistic in knowing that his megalomania will meet its limits and backfire. Backfire is just another word for enantiodromia.

  2. Scott Preston says :

    Is There Life On Mars? Did you know that the Martians are so technically advanced that they have disguised themselves and their civilisation as…. rocks?!

    No kidding, at least that’s the latest conspiracy theory wending its way webwise. When is a rock not a rock? When it’s a Martian! (Or Frodo Baggins).

    These are very strange times.

  3. davidm58 says :

    Good post! The consolation for me is the thought that if Trump had not been elected in this cycle, we might very well have seen a ‘worse than Trump’ candidate four years out in an enantiadromia response to Clinton. The sooner this chaotic transition starts (not that it hasn’t already started), the sooner we can find our way out. Not that I’m in favor of hastening the crash, but just sayin’.

    • Scott Preston says :

      Yes, exactly. Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Might as well get the damned thing over and done with. At least, now, it’s out in the open and in plain sight in its raw nakedness, no longer a sneaking snake-in-the-grass. (With my apologies to snakes).

      Stressful and challenging times lie ahead. Just the sort of circumstances favourable to the spirit and the birth of a new consciousness — the crucible. It might feel like being stuck between the Hammer and the Anvil. But every jewel probably feels like that.

  4. Scott Preston says :

    On “the road to God knows where”. Pretty good article by the Guardian’s John Harris

  5. abdulmonem says :

    It is really saddening that the money lords who are buying the disclosed homes and those who are moving the factories out side the country are not spotted and no journalist ask them questions, instead they ask the displaced workers the effect and thus the attention is diverted to things that enhances the division and hates, in line with the perverted agenda.

  6. mikemackd says :

    I find it interesting that the lemniscate is a kind of lissajous curve. They track 4D (timspace) vibrations onto a four quadrant 2D plane (for example, see and the links given there).

    As stated at, resonance and wave effects, as partly tracked by Lissajous curves:

    “are among the most spectacular in mechanics and physics in general. They are also the keys to our ability to sense our environment and communicate with each other whether by voice, ears, and eyes or by artificial mechanical and electronic devices … it appears that resonance and wave mechanics underlie all of physics and, indeed, our entire existence … Use of resonance for communication is an obvious classical application, but as introduced in Chapters 4-5, our quantum world lives and breathes resonance for its very existence. Apparently, oscillation is the currency of the universe and resonance is how nature’s business is done. Without a good understanding of oscillation, resonance and waves, one should not expect to understand physics deeply if at all.”

    I wonder if the lemniscate, then, as I said a few days ago of the organism-eating robot, is more than a metaphor?

  7. mikemackd says :

    Oh no! Not Mumford again! Lewis! stop it! Stop being such a prophet, sage and seer! It is soooo unfair!

    He wrote the below in “Sticks and Stones” (1924), and it was reproduced in “The Human Prospect” (1956), on p, 145. It means even more sense if we read the word “architecture” as applying not only to buildings, but also potentially to each of our own identity constructions:

    “In so far as we have learned to care more for empire than for a community of freemen, living the good life, more for dominion over palm and pine than for the humane discipline of ourselves, the architect has but enshrined our desires. The opulence, the waste of resources and energies, the perversion of human effort represented in this architecture are but the outcome of our general scheme of working and living. Architecture, like government, is about as good as a community deserves. The shell that we create for ourselves marks our spiritual development as plainly as that of a snail denotes its species. If sometimes architecture becomes frozen music, we have ourselves to blame when it is a pompous blare of meaningless sounds.”

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