“Brexit, plus, plus, plus!”. You probably noticed Mr. Trump’s penchant for such triplex structures to stand in for superlatives. The plussiest Brexit ever. “Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.” The jobiest president of all times. And of course “win, win, win!”. The winningest president of all time. Tripleplusgood!

Those of you who know Orwell’s “Newspeak” will probably remember “doubleplusgood” for the best, and “doubleplusungood” for the worst. Language is reduced to its most childish forms and utterances in order to constraint the range of thought. Mr. Trump seems even to have excelled beyond the doubleplus into the tripleplus. All very childish, but oh so tripleplusgood in its effectiveness.

You might recall, in that respect, and if you have read Gebser, that three is the number of magic. Three is the number of magical incantation and it is pretty well nigh universal. There is also the “triple-talaq” in Sharia and in the old Mosaic law. “I divorce thee! I divorce thee! I divorce thee!” is sufficient to annul a marriage. Et voilà, magic, even if it is tripleplusungood magic. Has to be pretty powerful magic to overturn God’s laws on the marriage bond, after all, which is why it has to be pronounced in triplicate.

“Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d. Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined”, as Shakespeare has the three witches say it in Macbeth.

A threesome, a troika, is the magic number, the proper form for an incantation.


4 responses to “Tripleplusgood”

  1. mikemackd says :

    To be sure, to be sure, to be sure, begorrah!

  2. abdulmonem says :

    It is a crisis of trust in an earth that mistrust, misdirection and mismanagement and misuse and abuse of language become the accepted norm. It is sad that the power that is ruling the world and wants to continue to rule the world has reached such state of decadence. It is sad that honest voices are chased out of the political arena and are no longer listened to or accepted. It is a time of prophecy where the voices of the good are accused of insanity. The global balloon is filled with all the above-mentioned poisonous gases, that will not be able to carry humanity to a safe landing. It is the political black magic is in full swings scattering its venomous spells all over, It seems humans are used to understand the words promptly and now three time does not work. It seems repetitions is the language of the liars and the unsure. It is time for the honest and the sincere to regain their vehemence and zeal and not be like the ones condemned by Yeats in his second coming and reignite their commitment in the way of bearing witness and exposing the real captains who are leading the ship of the earth to its impending destruction, the destruction that will not devour only the crooked but even the good who have not exercised their corrective roles in this dangerous time. without doubting that the divine forceful energy, is in wait to help, those who want to do good. The force that has been neglected in the humans dialogue, the negligence which rendered the human dialogue feeble and ineffective.

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      Beautifully said. One might say, “that balloon is about to pop,” but the analogy of a weather system — the “eye” of a hurricane; the image The Atlantic chose for it’s article on “poetry rising”; the image chosen by Eisenstein to accompany his article; and so many more seemingly unconnected occurrences of imagery are ubiquitous at the moment.

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