The “Illuminati” Conspiracy — Beyond Stupid

Only people who already think like puppets, act like puppets, and talk like puppets believe in the Puppet Master or the “Illuminati”, so-called. The only real Puppet Master, however, is the demon that the Buddhists call “Mara”, Architect of Illusion and Lord of the Ego, and otherwise referred to as “superego” amongst other names, including Blake’s “Noboddady”.

The true believers in the Puppet Master are our current drivers of chaos, “more terrifying than Trump” writes Graham Readfern in today’s Guardian. And he’s right. Alex Jones’ Infowars? Breitbart? David Icke? These are our contemporary equivalents of the damnable fraud called the Malleus Maleficarum — the “Hammer of the Witches” — from the decadent and paranoid days of the Late Middle Ages during breakdown of the Holy Roman Empire, — the book which purported to expose the secrets of witchcraft, covens, and how to recognise and identify demons and witches. Exactly the same phenomena. It’s beyond stupid.

It bears repeating, then, that “Illumanti” was just another term for the “Free Thinkers” of the Age of Enlightenment who challenged the status quo and the establishment of their time — the Church, the Papacy, and the Divine Right of Kings. That they were a “secret society” was partially true because of the threat of witch-hunt and Inquisition and the dangers of being burned at the stake for questioning dogmas or holding heretical views. “Illuminatus” just means “enlightened”, and as far as the Church was concerned at the time, it was a conspiracy of Free Thinkers against the established order of things and a threat to the continuation of priestly rule and theocracy.

The priestly paranoia about a conspiracy of liberal and secretive Free Thinkers belongs to the history of the Counter-Reformation which has continued to march down the ages from generation to generation in ever increasing forms of paranoia and perversity, especially today. Belief in the Puppet Master or the “Illuminati” as organised conspiratorial cabal is the equivalent of “here be monsters” that the medieval cartographers inscribed on their maps of beings beyond the limits of the familiar and known world — monstrous forms and creatures of their imaginations beyond the pale.

Again, it is a symptom of the decay of our own civilisation that these aberrant, irresponsible, and demented forms of paranoid belief and action have returned to infest and populate our world once again, virally, with the old madness, chaos, and nightmare, but now amplified by the powers of technology, driving chaos with lies, spam, fake news, disinformation, bullshit, propaganda, and so on — driving and amplifying nihilism and chaos to a screech. It’s the same old reactionary mania, frenzy, and barbarism returned again under the pretext of being “anti-PC”

How deep down the rabbit hole does this thing go? And especially when uttering death threats, or threats of rape, are now considered “Free Speech” entitlements?

16 responses to “The “Illuminati” Conspiracy — Beyond Stupid”

  1. diamondbolt says :

    Yawn. …

  2. Scott Preston says :

    I think there are close parallels between the history of Bolshevism and developments in neo-liberalism. After the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks were quite convinced that communist globalisation was in the works — world revolution. Only gradually did the Bolsheviks have to accept “socialism in one country”, which was essentially Stalinism — the Red Tzar.

    Even though some are saying that, with Trump, neo-liberal globalisation is “dead”, it’s clear that neo-liberal economics is not. Trump represents this “neo-liberalism in one country” retraction from globalisation, but the fundamentals remain much the same — Plutocracy, and instead of a Red Tzar, you get Pharoahism.

  3. Scott Preston says :

    Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff, a rather conventional thinker, also thinks a Trump presidency will herald an “economic boom”.

    I think there will be a period, rather, of “irrational exuberance” to go along with all the other irrationalities — one big bubble.

    • Steve Lavendusky says :

      Speaking of “the demon the buddhist call Mara,” check out the best book on “Mara” called LIVING WITH THE DEVIL: A Meditation on Good and Evil by Stephen Batchelor.

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      reflating an economy already near full employment

      He must be referring to the faulty data that purports a 4.9% unemployment rate in America. It’s actually more like 23%, but when did on-the-ground realities ever play a role in government statistics?

  4. InfiniteWarrior says :

    On the bright side, Trump adviser’s son loses transition team job for spreading fake news.

    The son of Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has lost his job in the president-elect’s transition team after he spread a false conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton that led to shots being fired in pizza restaurant.

    BS filters and, more importantly, consciences will be exhaustively tested here in America over the next four years, but that they’re still largely working in such an atmosphere is a godsend.

    There is also a revolt brewing in the Electoral College. It’s unclear how many electors are actually embroiled in it and is unlikely to make a difference in any case, but that it’s unprecedented might be an understatement. Along with a multitude of calls upon commentators and the press to stop “normalizing” Trump and his “team,” I take these and other developments as a sign that America hasn’t completely “lost its marbles”…yet.

    • Scott Preston says :

      That this story about the pizza place originated in Trump’s transition team — that’s very, very disturbing. Most propaganda isn’t so crude. This kind of thing doesn’t even make an attempt at “truthiness” or spin. I suspect he was not let go because he was a conspiracy theorist and a liar, but because he was too clumsy at it.

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      Oh, man. The rabbit hole opens upon a deep, dark underground cavern in which “free thinkers” now claim (without explicitly saying so) that the pizzagate gunman could, in fact, be a hired actor or (intimated) plea bargainer who was set up by — who? never really says — to participate in this staged (couldn’t bring themselves to explicitly call it “staged”, either) event. Therefore, the restaurant incident is the real fake news.

      I could put it more eloquently, I suppose, but since the intrepid warriors who exposed this “truth” for us were talking in circles without really saying much of anything, that’s the most I was able to glean from it. The source? A video embedded in a comment to an article by — wait for it — Chris Hedges in Truthdig, which was recently named in a Washington Post article (and beyond) as one of hundreds of pro-Russia propaganda sites.

      And so it begins.

      Okay. So, maybe America has lost its marbles completely, but that may actually turn out to be a good thing.

  5. Scott Preston says :

    Steve Bannon wants to destroy “secularism”, according to this article in The Guardian

    Reactionary nostalgia is what it is (and the suggestion he’s influenced by Julius Evola in his traditionalism points rather to fascism). Again, the 50s are idealised here as if it were easy to return to that simply be a revival of “Judeo-Christian values” (and, in the process, roll back Nietzsche’s “death of God” all by hisself).

  6. Scott Preston says :

    During the Bush neo-con administration, it was quite irksome to see then the “normalisation” of neo-conservatism — the usual names like The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, David Frumm, Niall Ferguson, and so on were all over the airwaves and in the press.

    The press, it is true, is in a bit of a quandry with Trump. It has to avoid “normalisation” but can hardly do so without appearing censorious. So I suppose it’s going to serve as an even unwilling platform for the Bannons, the Milo Yiannopoulos’s, Breitbart, and other sordid elements around Trump and the alt-right. In the name of being “liberal” and “fair and balanced”, how are they going to avoid “normalisation”? That is to say, how will the liberal press avoid being exploited as a platform to destroy liberalism itself? An interesting dilemma for the liberal media.

  7. Andrew says :

    Some facts: the progressives were taken out in the 60’s: JFK; Bobby; MLK….

    Page 23 is quite interesting :

    These are the only two conspiracies that are real, imo…..But they do connect to vast systems of usury….But I’m not into discussing this; believe what you want!

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