Trump as Lord of Misrule

A few posts back, I posted a piece on Donald Trump as Trickster figure (“Provocateur-in-Chief”) with the suggestion that, by assuming this and investigating the myths about Trickster, we can develop a life strategy for countering the most pernicious influences and effects of “Trumpism”.

So, I was very pleased to read in today’s Guardian James S Gordon’s piece on the same theme: Trump as Trickster and, as such,  uncanny avatar of The Lord of Misrule.

Gordon’s article is entitled “Despite his lies, Donald Trump is a potent truth-teller“.  It’s worth reading, for, I assure you, Mr Trump and his cabinet — as Dr. Gordon points out — are quite oblivious to this archetypal role they play respectively as Lord of Misrule and the Feast of Fools. They take themselves very seriously (and want to be taken very seriously). That makes them simultaneously dangerous, but also very vulnerable.

Dr. Gordon mentions the Lakota trickster Heyoka. Heyoka is pretty much the equivalent of the European “Lord of Misrule”. There is also a connection between the Lord of Misrule and Castaneda’s characterisation of “The Petty Tyrant” as described to him by his teacher Don Juan — as well as how to use the Petty Tyrant for one’s own growth and self-overcoming.

So, here I want to cite a passage from Castaneda’s writings that speaks to the issue of the Petty Tryant at some length and is, presently, most appropriate to reflect upon (from The Fire From Within).

“Seers are divided into two categories. Those who are willing to exercise self-restraint and can channel their activities toward pragmatic goals, which would benefit other seers and man in general, and those who don’t care about self-restraint or about any pragmatic goals. The latter have failed to resolve the problem of self-importance.

Self-importance is not something simple and naive. On the one hand, it is the core of everything that is good in us, and on the other hand, the core of everything that is rotten. To get rid of the self-importance that is rotten requires a masterpiece of strategy.

In order to follow the path of knowledge one has to be very imaginative. In the path of knowledge nothing is as clear as we’d like it to be. Warriors fight self-importance as a matter of strategy, not principle.

Impeccability is nothing else but the proper use of energy. My statements have no inkling of morality. I’ve saved energy and that makes me impeccable. To understand this, you have to save enough energy yourself.

Warriors take strategic inventories. They list everything they do. Then they decide which of those things can be changed in order to allow themselves a respite, in terms of expending their energy.

The strategic inventory covers only behavioral patterns that are not essential to our survival and well-being.

In the strategic inventories of warriors, self-importance figures as the activity that consumes the greatest amount of energy, hence, their effort to eradicate it.

One of the first concerns of warriors is to free that energy in order to face the unknown with it. The action of rechanneling that energy is impeccability.

The most effective strategy for rechanneling that energy consists of six elements that interplay with one another. Five of them are called the attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, timing, and will. They pertain to the world of the warrior who is fighting to lose self-importance. The sixth element, which is perhaps the most important of all, pertains to the outside world and is called the petty tyrant.

A petty tyrant is a tormentor. Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.

Petty tyrants teach us detachment. The ingredients of the new seers’ strategy shows how efficient and clever is the device of using a petty tyrant. The strategy not only gets rid of self-importance; it also prepares warriors for the final realization that impeccability is the only thing that counts in the path of knowledge.
Usually, only four attributes are played. The fifth, will , is always saved for an ultimate confrontation, when warriors are facing the firing squad, so to speak.
Will belongs to another sphere, the unknown. The other four belong to the known, exactly where the petty tyrants are lodged. In fact, what turns human beings into petty tyrants is precisely the obsessive manipulation of the known.

The interplay of all the five attributes of warriorship is done only by seers who are also impeccable warriors and have mastery over will. Such an interplay is a supreme maneuver that cannot be performed on the daily human stage.

Four attributes are all that is needed to deal with the worst of petty tyrants, provided, of course, that a petty tyrant has been found. The petty tyrant is the outside element, the one we cannot control and the element that is perhaps the most important of them all. The warrior who stumbles on a petty tyrant is a lucky one. You’re fortunate if you come upon one in your path, because if you don’t you have to go out and look for one.

If seers can hold their own in facing petty tyrants, they can certainly face the unknown with impunity, and then they can even stand the presence of the unknowable.

Nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.

The perfect ingredient for the making of a superb seer is a petty tyrant with unlimited prerogatives. Seers have to go to extremes to find a worthy one. Most of the time they have to be satisfied with very small fry. Then warriors develop a strategy using the four attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, and timing.

On the path of knowledge there are four steps. The first step is the decision to become apprentices. After the apprentices change their views about themselves and the world they take the second step and become warriors, which is to say, beings capable of the utmost discipline and control over themselves. The third step, after acquiring forbearance and timing, is to become men of knowledge. When men of knowledge learn to see they have taken the fourth step and have become seers.

Control and discipline refer to an inner state. A warrior is self-oriented, not in a selfish way but in the sense of a total examination of the self.

Forbearance and timing are not quite an inner state. They are in the domain of the man of knowledge.

The idea of using a petty tyrant is not only for perfecting the warrior’s spirit, but also for enjoyment and happiness. Even the worst tyrants can bring delight, provided, of course, that one is a warrior.

The mistake average men make in confronting petty tyrants is not to have a strategy to fall back on; the fatal flaw is that average men take themselves too seriously; their actions and feelings, as well as those of the petty tyrants, are all-important. Warriors, on the other hand, not only have a well-thought-out strategy, but are free from self-importance. What restrains their self-importance is that they have understood that reality is an interpretation we make.
Petty tyrants take themselves with deadly seriousness while warriors do not. What usually exhausts us is the wear and tear on our self-importance. Any man who has an iota of pride is ripped apart by being made to feel worthless.

To tune the spirit when someone is trampling on you is called control. Instead of feeling sorry for himself a warrior immediately goes to work mapping the petty tyrant’s strong points, his weaknesses, his quirks of behavior.

To gather all this information while they are beating you up is called discipline. A perfect petty tyrant has no redeeming feature.

Forbearance is to wait patiently–no rush, no anxiety–a simple, joyful holding back of what is due.

A warrior knows that he is waiting and what he is waiting for. Right there is the great joy of warriorship.

Timing is the quality that governs the release of all that is held back. Control, discipline, and forbearance are like a dam behind which everything is pooled. Timing is the gate in the dam.

Forbearance means holding back with the spirit something that the warrior knows is rightfully due. It doesn’t mean that a warrior goes around plotting to do anybody mischief, or planning to settle past scores. Forbearance is something independent. As long as the warrior has control, discipline, and timing, forbearance assures giving whatever is due to whoever deserves it.

To be defeated by a small-fry petty tyrant is not deadly, but devastating. Warriors who succumb to a small-fry petty tyrant are obliterated by their own sense of failure and unworthiness.

Anyone who joins the petty tyrant is defeated. To act in anger, without control and discipline, to have no forbearance, is to be defeated.

After warriors are defeated they either regroup themselves or they abandon the quest for knowledge and join the ranks of the petty tyrants for life.

There are a series of truths about awareness that have been arranged in a specific sequence for purposes of comprehension. The mastery of awareness consists in internalizing the total sequence of such truths.

The first truth is that our familiarity with the world we perceive compels us to believe that we are surrounded by objects, existing by themselves and as themselves, just as we perceive them, whereas, in fact, there is no world of objects, but a universe of the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations.

Before I can explain the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations, I have to talk about the known, the unknown, and the unknowable.

The unknown is something that is veiled from man, shrouded perhaps by a terrifying context, but which, nonetheless, is within man’s reach.

The unknown becomes the known at a given time. The unknowable, on the other hand, is the indescribable, the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that will never be known to us, and yet it is there, dazzling and at the same time horrifying in its vastness.

There is a simple rule of thumb: in the face of the unknown, man is adventurous. It is a quality of the unknown to give us a sense of hope and happiness. Man feels robust, exhilarated. Even the apprehension that it arouses is very fulfilling. The new seers saw that man is at his best in the face of the unknown.

The unknown and the known are really on the same footing, because both are within the reach of human perception. Seers, can leave the known at a given moment and enter into the unknown.

Whatever is beyond our capacity to perceive is the unknowable. And the distinction between it and the knowable is crucial. Confusing the two would put seers in a most precarious position whenever they are confronted with the unknowable. Most of what’s out there is beyond our comprehension.”

Very sound counsel. And in it, you may well see also what Gebser means in saying that in the present troubles and turbulence, the key is to know when to let happen and when to make happen, which are don Juan’s matters of forbearance and timing.

And, as I hope you will appreciate, there is great resonance between Dr. Gordon’s article on Trump as Trickster figure, and don Juan’s description of the petty tyrant and the uses to which the seer can put the petty tryant without succumbing to the petty tyrant.


12 responses to “Trump as Lord of Misrule”

  1. Scott Preston says :

    Just occurred to me after I posted this… do you know the martial art called Aikido? It’s a very interesting form. Apparently, the name means “the way of unifying with the life-force”. Aikido always comes to mind when I reflect on don Juan’s counsel on the petty tryant.

    basically, Aikido is non-aggressive. One preserves one’s own energy while allowing, or encouraging, the foe to exhaust their own. In that sense, it is a dharma teaching in action, because it attempts to show the foe that his or her aggression is ultimately exhausting and self-defeating.

  2. donsalmon says :

    There is a wonderful “slogan” from (Mahayana Buddhist) Atisha’s “7 Point Mind Training.”

    The training begins with “absolute bodhichitta” – the absolute awakened mind. Point 1 involves awakening to this and “seeing” – directly, empathically, knowing without mediation, the emptiness of all things. This is followed by relative bodhichitta, the cultivation of infinite, boundless love and compassion (this recalls Nisargadatta’s “In Wisdom, I know I am nothing, with Love, I know I am everything.”

    Then in the third point, which revolves around “taking adversity as the path” (which offers tremendous insight into how to deal with our own inner petty tyrant as well as the petty tyrants with which today’s world abounds), is the slogan I’m referring to:

    “Blame all things on one.”

    That “one” is known as “self-grasping,” what Don Juan refers to as “pride.” Taking oneself to be “something,” rather than Nisargadatta’s “nothing.”

    This is relate to what Thich Nhat Hanh refers to as “being peace,” or “peace IS the way.” As long as we keep reacting to President Bannon and his minions like Trump, our every reaction feeds the monster, much as chopping off the arms and legs of Ravanna only results in more arms and legs growing back.

    Rama only defeated Ravanna when he shot an arrow into Ravanna’s “heart,” the original place of self-grasping.

    President Bannon and his orange puppy are mirrors for our own self-grasping. When we see that, their purpose will have been accomplished, and the new era will be born.

    • Scott Preston says :

      Yes, excellent. There’s actually quite a lot of material in don Juan’s statement about self-importance and the use of the petty tyrant that could be unpacked further, and in those terms Trump’s (et alia) role as Trickster figure.

  3. Scott Preston says :

    The Buddha’s “petty tyrant” was perhaps the biggest petty tyrant of all — Mara, “Lord of my own Ego”. That was, equivalently, Jesus’s struggle with Satan in the desert. Satan and Mara are the same, and the same is called by Blake “Urizen” in his fallen form. Urizen is Blake’s “petty tyrant”.

  4. Scott Preston says :

    Here’s some more encouraging news in today’s Guardian — economics students beginning to question the orthodoxy

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      Fits right in with the ongoing “revolution in public education.” Here‘s an introduction to the American variety.

  5. Scott Preston says :

    Sarah Palin as US ambassador to Canada? What an insult.

    That’s like Caligula’s nomination of his horse for the Roman Senate. Trump seems to take a malicious delight in treating other nations like his vassals, or acting very much like Caligula.

  6. Scott Preston says :

    I see David Brooks in the NYT has already drawn a link between Trump and The Lord of Misrule, although not quite to the archetypal depths of the Trickster figure yet

  7. Scott Preston says :

    Actually, having just googled up “Lord of Misrule” and “Trump” leads to quite a few articles on the comparison. Here’s another

  8. davidm58 says :

    When I first saw this blog post, I misread it as “Lord of Misirlou”

  9. abdulmonem says :

    We are all in a state of wait, some know to whom they are waiting and some do not know and some deny there is nothing there to wait for, here comes the role of the warriors and the attributes required to fortify the warriors for this inevitable battle. In the stories of all the seers we hear a lot the statement, wait and I am like you waiting. However the seers are aware of the force they are waiting for, and aware of its guidance in this programmed battle. It is unfortunate that most people are misled in believing that there is no divine plan for the cosmos or for the humans or even if there is plan it is neutral and we do not need a god to explain it as was put by Hawking, as if we are machine living inside a bigger machine and we need no code of value to run them.The seers four basic qualities are faith in the universal forceful truth,perseverance in good deed and good dialogue. strong pursuance of the path of truth and patience because nothing take place outside space and time which they are well organized by the divine and programmed, on the winning of truth at the end, even on the expense of destroying a lot of humanity. History ie replete with such stories. In the realm of the seers, one can find himself and his purpose without great loss of energy and shattering disturbances, feeling the rest associated with the faith in the One, while the second party can not restraint themselves from stepping every day in a new territories searching for what will help them to find their self-contentment. It is the anxiety and disorder of disbelief and mistrust that will kill everything good and beautiful, starting first with the perpetrators of such mess that is why the role of the honest warriors is very essential and urgent at this dangerous hour of our global time. Sometime I feel we are talking unaware of the seriousness of the situation and the slippery ground we are standing on.

    • InfiniteWarrior says :

      Sometime I feel we are talking unaware of the seriousness of the situation and the slippery ground we are standing on.

      There is not a soul on earth who is unaware. As Gebser noted, awareness is already “integral.” All of us, on some level, are fully aware. As Einsenstein put it, we know intuitively from an early age that “something is wrong with the world.” Dreadfully wrong. Sound familiar?

      You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. ~ Morpheus, The Matrix

      Is this a universal experience? I think so.

      What isn’t “integral” is consciousness and it may very well be that most of us will never ask the question, “What is The Matrix?” Much less take the red pill. Yet as serious and slippery as the situation is, I don’t get the impression all of us have to.

      This little gem came through my newsfeed yesterday: There is something extraordinary happening in the world.

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