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Are We Entering Into a New Revolutionary Period?

Last evening, I attended a lecture given by Canadian journalist and author Andrew Nikiforuk. He was delivering a talk of petroleum, pipelines and petro-politics at the University of Regina. Nikiforuk has won many awards for his articles and books on petro-politics, and he is apparently presently on a speaking tour.

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The Structure: “Cross of Reality”

I am going to repost, without too much by way of amendment, a comment I posted as a response to another comment in an earlier posting, since it touches on themes that are pretty central to The Chrysalis, — themes which I have also been gradually weaving into recent posts on “The Structure” and what Rosenstock-Huessy means by describing his quadrilateral logic or “metanomics” as “a matrix form of thinking”. What Jean Gebser calls “a consciousness structure” is just such a “matrix form of thinking” and is also implicated in what Rosenstock-Huessy calls “metanoia” or “New Mind”.

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Mutations and Migrations

Since Copernicus, Man has been rolling from the centre towards X — Nietzsche

While on this topic of the “New Normal”, let me add, as an addendum to the previous post, that we are all migrants now. In a very real sense, Gebser’s “mutations” are also migrations, and that is, literally, an “unsettling” experience, although in our case, the migration has shifted from the arena of space to the arena of time. The Old World and New World no longer correspond to the hemispheres, but to past and future. Thus, we remain migrants.

This is rather important to understand about the “New Normal”, too. The arena of our migration is no longer so much space as it is time. This, too, can be quite disorienting and unsettling.